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Scene hair- a guide.

Okay. scene hair is my obsession. xD

I absolutely love the way these girls do their hair, and i’ll be getting a haircut in a few weeks once i’ve grown it out long enough. But i wanted to write a how-to for all of those scene hair freaks like me :]


First Step, (Duh) Grow your hair out to the length that you want the bottom layer to be. Lots of people do different lengths, and it’s all about what you want it to look like, but you should pretty much always start by growing your hair out long if you don’t want to use extentions (which is actually what a lot of girls do). 

The next step is to get your hair cut. Be sure that you’re very clear what you want to have done, because lots of stylists don’t understand you’re trying to go for scene hair. Ask for short layers, and have the ends razored to give the hair a more rough look and define the layers.Scene Hair The bangs can go pretty much any way you want them too. You can get full bangs strait across your face and part your hair to the side so that they sweep across your face once they’ve grown out, or you can skip that step and ask for side bangs. No matter what you decide to do, I highly recommend bringing in a picture of the hair you want. This gaurentees that the stylist has the same picture in their head as you do while they’re cutting your hair.

Coloring your hair can go in any direction. I’m keeping my hair blonde and adding in pink highlights. But it’s definately way less expensive to dye your own hair. I bought bottle of pink hair dye from hot topic that only cost me twelve dollars. The color stayed in for about a week and then i’d have to redye it, but i had enough in the bottle to last me about six months. I recommend adding in some kind of colorful highlights to make your hair super pretty and very sceney. However, if you don’t want to dye your hair, you can buy colored hair extensions for about six dollars.


Now we get to the fun part! Styling! Teasing and spiking work the best for scene hair. Just tease up the bottom layers, add some hair spray and you’re done! If you’re confused, there are tons of how-to’s on youtube that show you step by step how people do their scene hair (search “how to scene hair” in the youtube search bar, and all sorts of helpful videos will pop up). Whatever you plan on doing, bedhead products are a must have. They have everything. Hair gel, manipulator, hairspray, and so much more. I’ve also heard that Rave hairspray works really well for holding teased hair. For spiking, hairwax is the best to use.

Once your hair is all styled, add in a bow, bandana, ribbon, hairclip, headband, or anything else you feel like putting in your hair and you’re done!



warped tour addicts- get pumped!

yeah baby! Warped tour ’09 is almost upon us! Less then two months away, it is time to get excited! I’ll look into some of the less known bands and post reviews on them just for you.

and here we go!



A Day to Remember  
A Skylit Drive  
Attack Attack  
Bad Religion  
Big D and the Kids Table  
Black Tide  
Bouncing Souls  
Breathe Carolina  
Cash Cash  
Dance Gavin Dance  
Dear and the Headlights  
Dirty Heads  
Escape the Fate  
Every Avenue  
Flogging Molly  
Forever The Sickest Kids  
Hit the Lights  
I Set My Friends on Fire  
In This Moment  
Jeffree Star  
Less Than Jake  
Madina Lake  
Meg & Dia  
Scary Kids Scaring Kids  
Senses Fail  
Sing it Loud  
Streetlight Manifesto  
The A.K.A.s  
The Architects  
The Ataris  
The Devil Wears Prada  
The Maine  
The White Tie Affair  
There For Tomorrow  
Therefore I Am  
Westbound Train 

 Concert Dates: 

 Day  Date   Where                         City, State

  Thu Apr 02 Key Club  Los Angeles, CA
  Fri Jun 26 TBA Pomona, CA  
  Sat Jun 27 TBA San Francisco, CA  
  Sun Jun 28 TBA Ventura, CA  
  Tue Jun 30 TBA Phoenix, AZ  
  Wed Jul 01 TBA Las Cruces, NM  
  Thu Jul 02 TBA San Antonio, TX  
  Fri Jul 03 TBA Houston, TX  
  Sun Jul 05 TBA Dallas, TX  
  Tue Jul 07 TBA Indianapolis, IN  
  Wed Jul 08 TBA Pittsburgh, PA  
  Thu Jul 09 TBA Cleveland, OH  
  Fri Jul 10 TBA Toronto, ON  
  Sat Jul 11 TBA Montreal, QC  
  Sun Jul 12 TBA Hartford, CT  
  Tue Jul 14 TBA Washington, DC  
  Wed Jul 15 TBA Buffalo, NY  
  Thu Jul 16 TBA Scranton, PA  
  Fri Jul 17 TBA Camden, NJ  
  Sat Jul 18 TBA Uniondale, NY  
  Sun Jul 19 Monmouth Park Racetrack Oceanport, NJ  
  Tue Jul 21 TBA Boston, MA  
  Wed Jul 22 TBA Virginia Beach, VA  
  Thu Jul 23 TBA Charlotte, NC  
  Fri Jul 24 TBA Orlando, FL  
  Sat Jul 25 TBA Miami, FL  
  Sun Jul 26 TBA Tampa, FL  
  Tue Jul 28 TBA Atlanta, GA  
  Wed Jul 29 TBA Cincinnati, OH  
  Thu Jul 30 TBA Milwaukee, WI  
  Fri Jul 31 TBA Detroit, MI  
  Sat Aug 01 TBA Chicago, IL  
  Sun Aug 02 TBA Minneapolis, MN  
  Mon Aug 03 TBA St. Louis, MO  
  Tue Aug 04 TBA Kansas City, MO  
  Fri Aug 07 TBA Boise, ID  
  Sat Aug 08 TBA Salt Lake City, UT  
  Sun Aug 09 TBA Denver, CO  
  Wed Aug 12 TBA Calgary, AB  
  Fri Aug 14 TBA Vancouver, BC  
  Sat Aug 15 TBA Seattle, WA  
  Sun Aug 16 TBA Portland, OR  
  Wed Aug 19 TBA Fresno, CA  
  Thu Aug 20 TBA San Francisco, CA  
  Fri Aug 21 TBA Sacramento, CA  
  Sat Aug 22 TBA San Diego, CA  
  Sun Aug 23 TBA Los Angeles, CA


I got all of my information from the offical warped tour site: 

hollywood undead

Who are the hollywood undead?
Well my love, they would be:
Oh i do love this band.
I discovered them a few monthes ago by accident, and now they frequent my pandora radio playlist.
Hollywood undead is a relatively new group, formed in 2005, the band originated on Myspace. After putting up songs on their profile, the band reached eight million plays by 2008, and that September, released their debut album, Swan Songs. The band’s genre is a mix of hip hop, rap, and metal all in one. Even though most of their lyrics are about sex and alcohol, i love the beats for most of their songs, and all of their songs are always commical. So don’t listen to them if you don’t have a sence of humor, babe. The band has many unreleased songs such as; Scene for Dummies, The Kids, Turn off the Lights (ft. Jeffree Star, the ever so debated scene queen), Dead in Ditches, Bitches, and Circles. All of which can be found in the depthes of the internet. Currently, Hollywood undead is on the Saints and Sinners tour across the US. More info can be found on their Myspace page, here.

One more note before i leave you. If you’re curious as to why they’re in masks, it originated when they posted pictures of themselves in hockey masks on their band’s Myspace page. I suppose they got possitive feedback and decided to keep the masks. Now, everywhere they go, the Hollywood undead crew members are sporting their unique masks.


eiffel65-4Talk about a blast from the past! The band’s name is Eiffel 65. Eiffel was chosen randomly by a computer program and 65 was accidentally added to their name on a demo CD. The band consisted of Gabry Ponte (left), Maury Lobina (center), and Jeffrey Jey (right). Their albums include: Europop, Contact!, and Eiffel 65. Europop was their most popular album, containing their number one hit Blue(Da Ba Dee) and their also popular songs, Move Your Body, and Too Much of Heaven. Their song Blue was #1 on the charts in 18 countries when in debuted, including France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Ireland, and Australia to name a few. The band’s genre is electronica/dance/europop. Unfortunately, the band split in 2006 when their DJ, Gabry Ponte, went solo. I actually rediscovered this band because my boyfriend loves them, and now, many techno dances and europop car rides later, i’m in love with them too. If you’re looking for their best album to buy, I’d definately recommend Europop. It contains all of their major hits and is just fun and relaxing to listen to.



3oh3 is a band that I discovered a few monthes ago. The two person band consists of Nathaniel Motte(left) and Sean Foreman(right), both from Boulder, Colorado (area code 303). They met at the University of Colorado and their band was formed in 2004. Their first album 3OH!3  was released in 2007 and they shortly after played in Denver for warped tour. On July 8, 2008, their second album, Want was released and that same year they signed to play for all concerts in warped tour except Philadelphia. Some of their more famous songs include: Punk Bitch, Starstrukk, and Don’t Trust Me. 3oh3’s genre is mainly electronica. Personally, I think they are a great band and fun to listen to. They are signed to play for warped tour 2009- so be there!





okay so i’m gonna break down the best bands out there for you in about ten minutes!



Linkin Park. Umm yes, just all around amazing band. They are rock/rap. Their rapper, Mike Shinoda has done some solo work and also some work with fort minor (also amazing). I love all of their songs! Their albums include: Minutes to Midnight, Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Collision Course, and Reanimation. I love all of their albums. If you’ve never heard one of their songs, listen to them. now.


Avenged Sevenfold.  Avenged Sevenfold is an amazing band. They are rock, not punk! They’re on tour with buckcherry (buckcherry rocks as well!) and i’m hoping to go to one of their concerts soon! woot! Albums are: City of Evil, Waking the Fallen, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, Warmness on the Soul, Avenged Sevenfold, and City of Evil. Again, I love almost all of their songs.


My Chemical Romance. My Chemical Romance is quite awesome. They are rock as well. Albums: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, The Black Parade, I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love, and Life on the Murder Scene. I’d have to say that I like their album The Black Parade the best. If you listen to the very end of it there’s a hidden track (blood) that’s very catchy.


Atreyu. Atreyu is.. okay, i’ll say it. Screamo! haha i love them to death! Albums: A Death Grip on Yesterday, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses, The Curse, Fractures in the Facade of Your Porcelain Beauty, Lead Sails Paper Anchor, and The Best of Atreyu, which contains tracks from their other albums. I’d recommend buying The Best of Atreyu. It contains tons of their, well, best songs.


Disturbed! sorry, i was gonna put up a pic of the band, but this picture sums them up so much better! (the picture is from their album Indestructible)Disturbed is hardcore rock, indeed. Albums: The Sickness, Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, and Indestructible. Honestly, i haven’t listened to Believe, at least i don’t think i have. But their other three albums are lovely.  I love The Sickeness, and Indestructible does not disappoint.

Random Sketches!

Sketches ^.^
both are characters from naruto, yes i’m a nerd.
They are kakashi and gaara, my favorites.
Each took about ten minutes.
i was bored ❤




Hello world!

Hello world! My name is Laura!

I’m making this blog just for fun, so if you have a sense of humor, good taste in music,  and like random things then this a good blog for you!  Thank you very much, I’ll be adding posts soon, i hope you enjoy them!