Scene hair- a guide.

Okay. scene hair is my obsession. xD

I absolutely love the way these girls do their hair, and i’ll be getting a haircut in a few weeks once i’ve grown it out long enough. But i wanted to write a how-to for all of those scene hair freaks like me :]


First Step, (Duh) Grow your hair out to the length that you want the bottom layer to be. Lots of people do different lengths, and it’s all about what you want it to look like, but you should pretty much always start by growing your hair out long if you don’t want to use extentions (which is actually what a lot of girls do). 

The next step is to get your hair cut. Be sure that you’re very clear what you want to have done, because lots of stylists don’t understand you’re trying to go for scene hair. Ask for short layers, and have the ends razored to give the hair a more rough look and define the layers.Scene Hair The bangs can go pretty much any way you want them too. You can get full bangs strait across your face and part your hair to the side so that they sweep across your face once they’ve grown out, or you can skip that step and ask for side bangs. No matter what you decide to do, I highly recommend bringing in a picture of the hair you want. This gaurentees that the stylist has the same picture in their head as you do while they’re cutting your hair.

Coloring your hair can go in any direction. I’m keeping my hair blonde and adding in pink highlights. But it’s definately way less expensive to dye your own hair. I bought bottle of pink hair dye from hot topic that only cost me twelve dollars. The color stayed in for about a week and then i’d have to redye it, but i had enough in the bottle to last me about six months. I recommend adding in some kind of colorful highlights to make your hair super pretty and very sceney. However, if you don’t want to dye your hair, you can buy colored hair extensions for about six dollars.


Now we get to the fun part! Styling! Teasing and spiking work the best for scene hair. Just tease up the bottom layers, add some hair spray and you’re done! If you’re confused, there are tons of how-to’s on youtube that show you step by step how people do their scene hair (search “how to scene hair” in the youtube search bar, and all sorts of helpful videos will pop up). Whatever you plan on doing, bedhead products are a must have. They have everything. Hair gel, manipulator, hairspray, and so much more. I’ve also heard that Rave hairspray works really well for holding teased hair. For spiking, hairwax is the best to use.

Once your hair is all styled, add in a bow, bandana, ribbon, hairclip, headband, or anything else you feel like putting in your hair and you’re done!




  1. Thanks for sharing this guide. I simply love it.

    • ribbajack Said:

      thank you! i’m glad you like it :]

    • Anonymous Said:

      do you have any directions on how to cut your hair like that first picture??

      • chloe Said:

        i love this kind of hair cut im getting one today but what would i tell tell hair cutter i want

    • how do u get ure hair like the 1st or 3rd pic.?

      • Anonymous Said:

        The third really all you have yo to is straighten you hair like completely. Then you spray with hair spray and tease. When ur hair get ruff, make it a little clean like comb it down just a little. Hope this helps! It helps me almost every morning 🙂

    • Anonymous Said:

      way to damn people are getting the “scene” hairstyle. Just to let you know it is actually called Mod not scene. I have been doing this hair style since i was 11 i am now 15. People are getting this style not evening know the meaning of the style plus you cant just do the hair style you have to do the cloths. Understand

      • taybug Said:

        really? hahaha “you have to do the clothes too” no you don’t you can have whatever you want or call it whatever you want! ya dig?

      • Anonymous Said:

        stfu bitch u aint know how to do fuckin scene hair and you would not admit like if ur scene or not but what the fuck ever(;

      • Xxcaitie catalystxX Said:

        dude chill. and no u actually dont, i do agree on knowing what it is but be yourself not a wannabe who just does what the internet says =.= jeez

  2. bakingbarista Said:

    OMG! YOU got another comment! A real one! not from us!!! lol i love you and that last pic kinda looks like you (minus mole) hahaha you will look sooooo amazing like this!!!!

    • Daria Said:

      thats not a mole. its a cheek peircing.

      • McKenzie Said:

        Ah, no a cheek piercing is in the middle of your cheek. That’s a monroe.

      • mary Said:

        umm no actually it’s a madonna. monroes r on ur left side, madonnas on ur right side.

    • 8yhujn Said:

      i ❤ the second hair style

    • Anonymous Said:

      Thats not a mole on the first picture it is a piercing

  3. ribbajack Said:

    i know! i was so happy! haha
    and i’m super excited to get my haircut like this!
    and that’s a lip piercing sweety. lol
    :] i love you livi!!

    • 8yhujn Said:

      i got my hair cut today and they did it rong

      • Anonymous Said:

        Hey i cut my own hair and it looks really good. I was scared that they would cut it rong!

  4. bakingbarista Said:

    Ok i can see the piercing now! lol well it looked like a mole at first. hmmm maybe it switched : )
    hehehe I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! btw you should make it so it links to your blog when you leave a comment on mine that way people can click on it and find your blog and be like OMG what an awesome blog. Damn i am a loser! lol

  5. boobyy Said:

    they”re hottt

  6. boobyy Said:

    what color does the first girl have? brown red?

  7. asherz Said:

    i already know how to do scene hair ^_^
    but ur instructions r simply amazing!
    there very easy to follow so maybe now ppl with stop asking me how to do meh hair haha.

  8. KenzieeTaylorr Said:

    what bright colors would be good for the first time your putting them in your hair??
    i was thinking like hot pink and teal or something…
    cuz with my super blonde-ness…i dont want it to be like BLAM color…
    ha if you know what i mean

    • ribbajack Said:

      haha yeah i know what you mean.
      pink is always a good color to begin with, especially if you’re blonde. (Pink is also good because it fades easily into blonde hair if you decide you don’t like it) Start with just pink, keep it like that for awhile, and then add the teal in. and always always always use semi-permanent dye if it’s your first time dying your own hair. Once you get the hang of dying it you can add in all sorts stripe combinations and switch over to a more permanent dye.
      it’s all about what you like and your personal style, so have fun with it :]
      good luck!

      • Sian Said:

        What do you ask the hairdresser for to get it like the 2nd and 3rd pictures i will be getting hair extensions put in but what do ou ask for to get the layers and the fringe


  9. Taylor Said:

    Thanks this helped ^^

  10. boom Said:

    dam i dnt know if i can find someone to cut my hair right
    no one seemz to understand what it is i want even after i explain

    • ribbajack Said:

      try bringing in a picture so they can visualize what you want.
      however, it is pretty hard to find a stylist that can cut it exactly how you want it done, so i’d just keep trying different salons until you find a stylist who can cut your hair right.
      or, if you want, you can cut your own hair. that’s what i do and i love it :]

    • Taylorrr :D Said:

      I got my hair cut scene and the hair stylist did it wrong… what should I do?

      • Anonymous Said:

        You shouldve cut it yourself. Most hairstylists dont understand scene hair. I just cut mine today and so far unteased it looks awesome!

  11. MeLi Said:

    really cool! can’t wait to get mine done tomorrow!!!

  12. NiKkii LuNdE Said:

    i love these hair styles!! im getting mine done tumoro and i wanted it to be sort of like the first pic…. but everytime i go to get it done, i always ask for my bangs to be WAY to the side, but they never seem to get that i really want it all the way to the side….it is soo frustratinggg!!!

    haha but good work on these instructions…. they really helped me out 🙂

    • ribbajack Said:

      i’m happy they helped you!
      haha that happened to me too, so i started cutting my own hair :]

  13. nikola Said:

    omg how cool im a scene freak too

  14. AndiE** Said:

    omg im seriously obsessed with scene! gahsp!
    lol i luurve the blonde w/ pink n teal hair ive got short chocolate brown hair but its still scene and its got suiper blonde and teal foils all through it!

    and i hav ma fave bow which is bright blue with a hot pink button in the middle and hot pink polka dots!!

    Xx. AndiE :]

  15. HaHaa :) Said:

    Wowzerz, i luhv this advice thingy x I’m getting extensions on friday, so i’m going to gt it all dyed and stuff on either the saturday or the sunday, hopefully it will turn out good!
    Ty for your help xox
    HaHaa 🙂

  16. KayKAy Said:

    Thnx for the help. I favorited the website.

  17. :) Said:

    I reallllllly want my hair like the second photo, and I’m getting extensions, buttt, I’m blonde and my hairs to thin and it’s really annoying because my hair won’t go right 😦
    Any ideass?


    • ribbajack Said:

      i had that problem for awhile myself, my hair was extremely thin because i straightened it every day.

      i started using repairing shampoos such as Garnier Fructis Daily Care shampoo and conditioner. i love garnier shampoos and they keep my hair strong even with straightening and teasing. i’m now using Garnier’s Body Boost shampoo and conditioner as well as applying Catwalk TIGI Root Boost after i shower, this adds volume to my hair and makes it so it doesn’t appear super thin.

      hope this helps :]

    • Anonymous Said:

      i have Xtremely thin hair (my ponytail is like the diameter of a dime!) and its like silky so its really hard to do it n it doesnt get frizzy cuz its like silk so i just use a round bristle brush to push it up after i spray tresemme X2 spray and then spray it again

  18. meahgan Said:

    im not scene or anything but i luv the hair style my mom thinks there 2 old for me ims 11 bubbt im getting cut this week end but cant find the right cut cause i dont want to be doing my hair all day …….any help…….bye 🙂

    • ribbajack Said:

      you can start by asking for short layers and bangs. this is the first step to getting scene hair, and will allow you to have the basic hairstyle without having to do any work on it.

      good luck getting your haircut!

    • x Scaryiarrrr Suicide x Said:

      I had my scene hair when I was only 11.

      I was TERRIFIED of having it done at first – and as she cut it off I got really scared.

      But as soon as she done it was well amazing [=

      It was a bit weird at first, but after a week or to it goes quite nice. After your second cut, it might go a bit funny – mine did. But after a week it went normal – But if the hairdresser mucks it up, just do it yourself. I’m only 12 and I do it all the time.

      Also, you can straighten your hair and put a bit of spray in, then some volumising mouse, then just puff it with your fingers and put a bit of spray on and it stays, and if it goes down, just do it back up with your fingers. =]

      Hop this helps x

    • itsjustmaya Said:

      omg exactly the same with me im twelve and i want to show my mom some pics but when she sees them she says the ppl are fifteen and im to yolung to get my hair cut like that

      • IsyIsy Said:

        yer same here 12 and i absoultly luv scene hair really want mine cut. all i need 2 do now is convice my mum lol xx

  19. elizababe(: Said:

    i thinking to put color in my hair but i wana keep my brown hair i just want to add some color

  20. elizababe(: Said:

    wat should i do and wat color do u tink wuld go best wid my hair?

    • ribbajack Said:

      if you want to go for subtle color i would add a few streaks into your bottom layer. i don’t know what shad of brown you are, but generally red, purple, or blue go well with brown hair.

      • elizababe(: Said:

        yah my hair is not like light brown or dark brown its lik and ashy light brown but i think ima put purple streak in my bottom layer like u sayed thanks for the help 🙂

        o and my hair is kinda thin n wen i tease it it will come down ina couple hours an i have to keep teasing it. what should i use to make it last longer?

    • ribbajack Said:

      use a small amount of styling gel on your roots, then tease it as normal and apply hairspray. this keeps your hair in place much better then just using hairspray, but be careful when you do this because it can really damage your hair, so be sure to wash out the gel the same day you apply it.

      happy to help :]

  21. :@ Said:

    UHHHHHH. I had my hair basically how I want, but I cut it myself and I jsut needed it “tidying up” so my mum took me to get it “tided up” and the stupid guy cut it short, and now its fucking DISGUSTING. Now what? Its gonna take fucking AGES to grow out and UHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I had it how I wantted and everything, and it had taken me like a year to get it too the length I wannted and he cut it to like above shoulder length. :@
    Any ideaas?


    • ribbajack Said:

      i know exactly how you feel!
      i never trust other people to cut my hair because of so many bad “touch ups” just like you said.

      however, there are some options you can try while waiting for it to grow back. one option is hair extentions. if they don’t have the color you want, buy light blonde extentions and dye them yourself.

      another option you have is going with a cute short scene hairstyle. your hair does not have to be long to be scene, but you might want to redo your layers if the hairstylist didn’t already because your length has changed so much. google “short scene hair” or search it on photobucket and there are tons of examples.

      i’m sorry your hair got messed up :[ hopefully this helps a bit!

    • kaila! Said:

      ok almost the same thing happend to me… its been about 1 year now and it almost how i wanted it in the first place. but in the in between time i got some hair extentions. just put them in and cut them how you wanted it. and it should look fine.. im not sure how badly they cut it. but it helps to die it all one color (black) worked the but for me… hope i could help! ou should add me on facebook.

  22. summer x Said:

    heyy i likke this advice page but i have a question ,,
    im having my hair cut nd it not really that long and i still dont know what coulour to go for , i had it dyed blonde ages ago but dont want to go bak to that coulour so what other coulours do you sugest?

    • ribbajack Said:

      thank you :]

      well, i don’t know what hair type you have, but if you want scene hair you really have no restrictions. However, auburn and dark brown are colors i would suggest if you want something different then blonde. i wouldn’t go for any drastic colors such as dying all of your hair pink unless you really want to, because you’ll get tired of it quickly if it’s not something you really want to do.


  23. Alice Said:

    I used to have awesome scene hair but then I went to some dinlo hair stylist and he made me look horrible. :/
    My hair is just below shoulder length.
    I am going to try a different hair dressers but I am not sure what EXACTLY to ask for. Can you give me any help? It has to be really particular though because I don’t want them to screw my hair up again.
    Say like the second pic, the blonde with blue streaks what would I ask for there? :/ Thanks, Alice. <3333

    • x Scaryiarrrr Suicide x Said:

      Say you want lots of short choppy layers, with a side fringe.

      Take in about a page full of pictures – but make sure you can see all the layers, and try and get pictures from the front, back, and side. I did that and it turned out epiccc

      Hope this helps x

    • Anonymous Said:

      i always emphasize how i want to keep the length of my hair and i say that i want short choppy layers then i bring in pics of hair that ISNT STYLED! its too hard for the hairdressers to see what u want through a pic that has hair all styled and craploads of products in it. I always try to bring in a pic of like a profile view so they see how the back and sides are compared to like the front and how it is layered.

  24. x Scaryiarrrr Suicide x Said:

    Wow thats really cool (Y)

    I’ve already got scene hair and I was looking for a different style.

    Btw, a good tip is to get you hair cut scene, grow it out a bit, and then get your layers cut, but only have the longest length trimmed – So you get scene hair thats constantly changing.

    And a good way of styling it is putting gel in (yes, gel, the stuff your brother uses =P) and massage it into your layers. Then tease it up as you usually would, and it just stays! Then, to finish it off, spritz it with a little bit of hairspray, and it’ll stay in all day – But you should wash it after.

    • elizababe(: Said:

      i tease my hair but idky i guess just cuz my hairs really thin or sumtin but it i have to consantly keep teasing it lik every couple hours so will gel like make it last longer?

      • Tessa Said:

        i could never tease my hair EVER! but like two months ago i teased my hair after not washing it fer like two days( i know gross) but my hair looked PERFECT and teased amazingly. it deffinatly helped lol even though its nasty.

  25. eroticdvd Said:

    great site, load of really usefull info, keep it going

  26. sesshi Said:

    I love the hair color in the first pic. :3
    Do you have the source of it, or more of her?

    • ribbajack Said:

      i got all of these pictures off photobucket.
      i’m sorry i can’t say more then that, that’s all i know about the picture.

  27. kkkoriii Said:

    hey im a scene freek to but im like 13 D: my mom thinks the look is kinda too old for me,but shes letting me et colors in my a dirtyblonde almost and im gettin pink cook tails…any advice of how i can get my hair scene..not all showy?if u know what i meen…

    • Anonymous Said:

      im 14 and i only tease it a little at the crown and let the rest straight. it looks really good if u go on google images type “scene hair” and then search for a pic of a girl with black hair and one blonde streak to the side n blowing a big pink bubble with bubblegum. not too dramatic, but still scene 🙂

  28. Emmerrrsss ;) Said:

    Heyy it may be a little late to comment and get a response but I figured I’d try lol. Anyway… I really want scene hair but I have thick wavy hair and I’m getting it thinned and getting side bangs today. once I see how that works out I’ll see about bangs and color. The only thing, is that I don’t know if I have enough time to straighten it in the morning for school and my mom won’t let me get it chemically straightened so if you have an tips that would be greeat!

    • ribbajack Said:

      scene hair can be wavy, don’t worry :]
      my natural hair is wavy/curly so i know where you’re comming from.
      an easy way to do your hair is just to straighten your bangs. this takes very little time to do in the morning, and if you use some root booster to poof up the back of your top layer without teasing, you’ll still get the basic scene style. since your hair is thick, you might now even hair to use root booster, but you should probably use a low level anti-humidity hairspray to prevent your wavy hair from frizzing, especially during the summer.

      hope this helps! :]

      • Tessa Said:

        theres this stuff in sallys beauty salon thiny hair crap seller. anyways i think its called sprayitstraight. it mite work fer ur hairr

      • Anonymous Said:

        if you have thick hair u can get awesome layers so dont thin it! and yeah, scene hair that is straight is slightly better, but why dont u go to bed early and then get ur mom to wake u up earlier before school so u can straighten it? i get up an hour and a half before i have to get on my bus JUST TO DO MY HAIR

  29. kori :P Said:

    I’m gettin my hair cut in like 2 weeks and I’m getting it cut like a picture I have….but my mom thinks the look is too old for me,but I’m getting pink and blonde coon tails.and suggestions on how to make it now so “showy” if u know what I meen??

    I no I posted another comment but I don’t know if it sent sooo

    • ribbajack Said:

      the haircut itself isn’t extremely showy, but the styling can be. if you want to go low key, you can get medium-high layers and the color you want, and then for styling, tease it a very small amout under your very top layer to add a little volume.

      of course, you realize that pink coon tails are still gonna be showy ;]

      • Tessa Said:

        not to be attidudy..but why would you not want it to be showy… i mean ur a scene chick go all out people will look at u weird. WHO CARESSS?? i love it wen people stare at me weird cuz then i get to hiss at them or bark hahahah.:) no im not mental:)..just wonderin whyyyyy

  30. breanna Said:

    heeey, love the site . my hair is a scene cut, the short layers, and long thin under hair. and right now i have a peek-a-boo (dark brown underneath, blonder on top) i’m a natural blonde though. i wanna get some colored extensions or foils and i was thinking either teal, pink or purple, what do you think? and where should i get them? and since my peek-a-boo faded, should i get that re-done, and then add some colored extentions (or foils); what do you suggest?

    • ribbajack Said:

      i think the best place to put color would be to the front of one of your bottom layers. if you redo the peekaboo and put stripes of color on the brown it’ll really pop. you should probably use clip on extentions or get your hair professionately dyed so that you get the color you want with previously dyed hair.
      all of the colors sound really pretty, but be sure to bleach your hair and then dye it with color so that it shows up on your brown. also, if you go with purple make it a very bright purple so it doesn’t fade into your brown hair.
      good luck! hope this helped!

      • breana Said:

        thanks =] that did help ! 🙂

  31. Damocles Scene Said:

    Scene girls are always hot… thanks for this… going to show it to my girl friend… Hope to god she will do this.

    • Tessa Said:

      WOW ur a loser dont try to change your girlfriend..freak:(
      you should be ashamed of ur self

      • Lozzy =) Said:

        Ass. shud be happy wiv ur girlfrend anyway.

      • Anonymous Said:

        wow, jerk. maybe ur gf should think of a few things that she wants YOU to be like….(maybe like a new attitude) >:P

  32. breanna Said:

    i dunno what happened to my comment ??

    but anyways, i’m going in for a trim in a couple weeks .
    right now i have the scene cut, short layers, long ends .
    and my layers are kinda growing out, so should i grow
    them out errr get ’em cut again ?

    and also, right now i have a peek-a-boo .
    the dark underneath, the blonde on top.
    should i get that done again er
    just get it blonder and then add some color?
    that brings up another topic; color.
    i was gonna get some extensions in the front
    with some color, i was thinking either purple, teal er pink.

    i’m going into 9th grade, and i’m trying to
    get into the wholeee scene thing . like i kinda am
    but not as drastic as other scene chicks . so yeah
    i want to know yer opinion :] thanks a bunch !!

  33. AUDREY :) Said:




    • ribbajack Said:

      ask for a side fringe instead of bangs.
      when you have a fringe with short layers it’s really easy to part your hair to the side :]

  34. dan Said:

    kudos for this site! too bad there aren’t more girls like you at my school. that hair is rad. not to mention that you’re super cute…haha.

  35. Amyyyy Said:

    I have a questiiiiioon!!!!!1
    oK so i have black hair a little pass my shoulders like a vcut. n i wanna get black extensions n put red highlights in them. Should i put red in my hair too so it looks blended in? Pleaseeee write me on my emial.

    • ribbajack Said:

      sorry, i cant see your email address, so i’ll just write you back on here. hopefully you’ll see my response!

      i wouldn’t dye your actual hair if you’re going to put color in the extentions anyways. your hair will fall over the extentions and “blend” in with them so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

  36. mallory:))) Said:

    omg! i love this look. I can seriously see me in that doo. But I don’t wanna go emo, well, have an emo look, i just want the… idk, a younger and alittle bit ‘cleaner’. Ya know

  37. mell Said:

    cara éssas emoxinhas são lindas

  38. michele . :) Said:

    omg soo i really love scene hair. and im gettin mine done in a couple days. i wrote down yyour instructions! ( bcuz they were really helpfull. ^ – ^) and i have a few pics. to take in with me…but im still like hella scared tht something is gunna go wrong or they like wnt cut it or something…ugh! lol.

    soo i guess i was jw….how offten do these haircuts come out all messed up? do you no? or do they pre much get it if you bring in intructions and pics.?

    AHH! plz help! lol.

    oh and btw i love your site and the pics you have on here there way cute! :D!

    thanks. 🙂

    • ribbajack Said:

      thanks! im glad you the site :]

      most of the time, you won’t be happy after leaving the salon, but in a few days the hairstyle will become what you want and you’ll figure out how to style it the way you want and it’ll all turn out okay.

      i remember i went in to a salon and absolutely hated the haircut they gave me, but after about a week i loved it.

      don’t worry though, you’re bringing in pics and instructions so the stylist should be able to clearly understand what you want. it’ll look different, and you’ll either love it or hate it, but don’t freak out, just remember you can always do touch ups once you get home!

      i hope your haircut goes well!

  39. McKenzie Said:

    Hello, hun. I am a (from what my friends say) a “true scene”. I have everything there is to be needed to be one. I just don’t know what I am going to do for my next cut and dye. Right now I have bleach blond hair. I have a heart shaped face and ice blue eyes. I am wondering what could look good with me? I do love the second colour. I was thinking black instead of the blond. What do you think?

    Please email me.

  40. McKenzie Said:

    Haha. I mean the second photo.

  41. miina :) Said:

    hii, i Love urr site 🙂 scene is awesome
    do most scene girls grow out their hair long or get extensions ? i have shoulder length hair and im thinking should i grow out my hair or get extensions? is there a way to achieve the scene look with shorter hair? liike mine. i have brown hair, when i get my hair cut, i want highlights. wut color do you think will look good with my brown hair?

    • ribbajack Said:

      yes, there are tons of cool short scene hair styles out there, just google or photobucket “short scene hair” and you’ll see what i mean.

      if you’re getting highlights red would look best in my opinion, but i don’t know what shade your hair is so go with what you want and what you think will look good and you can never go wrong :]

  42. kandel Said:

    But what if your hair is about shoulder length and your hair doesnt grow so fast,
    cuz im perming my hair in a few days and i want my hair to be scene. and my hair isnt too long or too short :S

    But anyway thx for the advice & help 🙂

    • Anonymous Said:

      just to let u kno, i thought getting a perm would be cool too…until it killed my hair! its literally dead and it falls out n is really frizzy. i dont recommend it to anyone n ive been trying to get rid of it for 2 full yrs n theres nothing to do but cut it all out. very bad

  43. mina Said:

    hi, love the guide . 🙂
    i have shoulder length brown hair and i want scene hair, i was wondering if i shud get extensions or grow our my hair? when i get my haircut what do I say? could u send me some good pics of scene hair? my mom thinks im to young for scene hair , how do i style scene hair without to much ‘drama’? 🙂 do you recomend any products for scene hair. thnx byee

  44. xxxHaRtBrEaKrRxxx Said:

    OMG This is one of the best tutorials I’ve read! 😀
    A friend loved my hair (it’s dark dark brown w/ pink and green highlights, super long, layered, and razored at the bottom. :P) and she asked me to find her some ligit info.
    Job well done! :]


  45. Ciara Said:

    im going to get my hair cut thaat waay [:
    and um , I dont know if ill look right with it /:
    i have golden-blonde hair
    and im really tan .
    will i?

  46. Alana :P Said:

    I Have Been Wanting My Hair Like This For Such A Long Time But Never Knew how To Describe It To The Stylist..So I Just Let Her Chop My Bangs Up A Bit..But This Describes EXACTLY How I Want It..Thanks For The Help ;B

  47. Alexis Said:

    what do i do if my hair is brown and i want the under layer just purple will it look weird or will it be ok cause you are talkin bout blonde hair and i cant go blonde

    • ribbajack Said:

      your hair should look good, ive seen girls who have done their whole bottom layer one color and it looks great, you might want to look into how youll get the purple to show up in your hair though. if you’re light brown it should be fine, but if your hair is a darker brown you might need to bleach it or the purple won’t show up.

      good luck!

  48. Mayra Said:

    Uhm, My hairs Dark brown right now, people mistake it for black tho. It has red-ish highlights in the sun.

    I was wondering what color highlights would look good with my hair i was thinking neon colors like pink,blue,green and purple.

    Is it true rainbow highlights look fake?

    Btw, Heres a picture of me (I know im realllly ugly) –

    heres some hair examples i like but can you help me i dont know if theyd look good on me ( im only talking about the highlights not dying my hair) –

    Basicly, Would purple, pink, blue and green highlights look good in my hair?
    And would the colors in the braided girls hair(last picture) look good on me?

    Thanks (: sorry for writing soo much. 😡

  49. Stroudey Said:

    is there a way styling scene hair without if taking to long cuz i hav very long hair and it takes me hours to straighten and tease …

  50. maddy Said:

    I’m a really big fan of scene hair, but I’ve never gotten it done before. I have shoulder length hair and it’s too plain & thin. I’m wanting to cut my hair myself. Any suggestions???
    Luv ur site, very helpfull! 🙂

    • ribbajack Said:

      thank you :]
      it’s easiest for me to cut my hair with a razor, scissors make the edges too straight. it takes longer, but it’s worth it. just be careful not to cut yourself!

  51. britanie Said:

    in pictures, practically everyone w/ scene hair has majorly long side bangs. i have regular bangs. can i still get a scene haircut or will it just look stupid? ( my bangs are layered though so when i straighten them they do have a jagged apperarence its the length that concerns me )

    • ribbajack Said:

      you might want to grow your bangs out a little before you get your haircut. scene hair centers around two things: short layers and long side bangs, or a fringe. don’t worry though, bangs grow fast (i have to trim mine almost every week!) so you’ll have the hair you want in no time.

  52. kaley Said:

    heyy sorry so late just saw this good work btw

    ok my hair is black ok i want to get the scene look i have short layers and hair like i guess a bit longer then my shoulders
    Ok i want my top layers like a really dark red but not to bark but then not to bright and i want to keep the bottom layer black my hair is kind of thick so do you know how much it would cost, is it ok to say i want my top layer in the black really short to spike up?? i am only 12 turn 13 soon idk if it would look right but i want really bad plus when i tease my hair it does not like to work with me or stay PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. A1icia Said:

    thxx for the tips. 😀

  54. kaitie Said:

    heyyyy thanks for you ahmahzyng advice!!! so i have kinda thin hair and its rele straight on its own. My hair is about 3 or 4 inches above my bra line. But i rele want it to look like the third picture on here but with a few more colors. like blue and purple. maybe. but the thing is my hair already has kinda carmel natural highlights in it. sorry im rambling but i do have a few questions. Like if you dont have alot of money to buy expencive hair products, what would you sugest i do? And my hair kinda just hangs there so do you think that all the teasing and stuff would still work with my hair? thanks and like i said great advice! xD

  55. :/ Said:

    im wondering if this will look good?

    i have dark brown hair and im gething blonde peekaboo and getting eyebrow bangs will it look good?

    PS, what styling gel do u recommed for teasing hair

    Plzz get back to me…. 🙂

  56. lindsey Said:

    I have really thin hair. I have no idea how to get layers & what there to look like.

  57. Hannah Said:

    I donno if ishould let my hair grown out more, or cut it and put exstenshions in?

  58. KIMBO Said:


  59. corrine Said:

    do u know where i could buy some cheap scene hair extensions? my mom wont let me dye my hair

  60. LushezzzBabbyy Said:

    Lovinn All Yaa Hairr Imm A Gett Minee 2 Likee Onee Ovv Yaa Cuzz I Lovee Emmm!!!!!!!!!

  61. itsjustmaya Said:

    hey can you plz tell me what to tell to hair stylist if they dont knoiw what it is and what to do can you give me ideas like for # 2,3,4

  62. Anelise Said:

    i have brown hair and i really want to know which colours i can get to make it scene-ish
    and i love yur advice on the scene hair
    and one more thing for my hair the first pic luks like my hair so what colours do i use?

  63. Mariah Said:

    i am thinking of getting scene hair because my hair is tooh Plain. and i realy love the scene hair look. My hair gets kinda frizzy and i need to kno how tooh keep that Fugly Frizz down xD Anyways i want my hair tooh look like The Second Picture with the colors, Dooh yooh sugest i get a light Blonde like that and buy extensions my hair is longer thn my shoulders. How dooh yooh sugest i cut it and stuff like that. Please Reply. And tankerss x]

  64. dorothylouise Said:

    i want my hair like thiss, but im not sure if my hairdresser will be able to do it good.?. and idk if it will look good on me 😡 what if it doesnt work out?, people say its ugly flat? idk what to do answer pleaseeee.:x

    • PHHRAWR. Said:

      hmms, I have scene hair and usually for school I don’t have time to poof up the layers and it acctually isn’t ugly flat it just depends on how you get it styled. If you have full on scene hair that is really cut to be REALLY poofy and all that, it might look a little odd but usually it just looks like layers.

      Nothing to be afraid about, hair always grows && it’s fun to experiment 😀

      Hope I helped.<333

    • asianSCENE. Said:

      Some volumizing shampoo might help .
      Or if you wash your hair in the morning, just blow dry your hair upside down for a little bit, and comb it, then blow dry it regularly. And if you want to, you can repeat. It’ll make your hair poofierr .


  65. aubrey Said:

    heyy 🙂
    i am with u on the scene hair obsession thing. i want scene hair but i dont know what will look good without looking tooo out there…
    i want it short ^-^
    i have long thick blonde (like kind of dark honey-ishh) extremely wavy hairr 😦 its hard to manage!!
    but the reason i want short hair is so its easier to flat iron it and stuff
    so what should i do?? layer it? i also want side bangs 😀 (woot!)
    buut yeah thats pretty much it!!!!!!

  66. Clarice Said:

    I’m getting my hair cut like this in the morning… the second picture.


  67. Yummy (nickname for me) Said:

    for getting the side-bangs part, would we need to have the natural sides? i mean..well my hair is naturally grown out from the middle of my head…..>< i wanted side bangs, but the top just goes up and doesnt seem right. would i have part them, and then get it cut? please email me at for tips please!! id appreciate it.

    lOVE THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!! awesome highlights

    • asianSCENE. Said:

      Just part your bangs to the side, and keep it that way for awhile, eventually you hair will start parting to the side.

      You MIGHT have to get your hair cut, my hair naturally goes to the side, so idunno .

  68. Lucy GEE Said:

    HI!!! This Blog is very great advice 😀 >>

    tell me if you know my email is = feel free to tell me if u dont have email u can contact me at
    Thank your very Much 😀 RAWR TY ❤ to who ever replys

  69. Lucy Said:

    HI!!! This Blog is very great advice i hope some1will REpLYs to this

    Does any 1 know what i should ask the salon for if i want hair like this picture ? Click that

    tell me if you know my email is = feel free to tell me if u dont have email u can contact me at
    Thank your very Much 😀

  70. Lucy Said:

    HI!!! This Blog is very great advice i hope some1will REpLYs to this

    Does any 1 know what i should ask the salon for if i want hair like this picture ? Click that

    tell me if you know my email is = feel free to tell me if u dont have email u can contact me at
    Thank your very Much 😀

  71. Lucy Said:

    HI!!! This Blog is very great advice i hope some1will REpLYs to this

    Does any 1 know what i should ask the salon for if i want hair like this picture ? Click that

    tell me if you know my email is = feel free to tell me if u dont have email u can contact me at
    Thank your very Much 😀

    • Cat(: Said:

      Well sorry to answer soo late:P butt print out that picture(: bring itt to the ladyy that cuts your ahirr(: but be specificc about how you want itt.

  72. alyssssa Said:

    Omg i fucking love the 2nd chickas cut n colour! soooo effin much! its babalicious! xoxo

  73. Xiomie Babe Said:

    i totally most defenatlyyy love their hair;
    When my hair grows out umm a do something
    like this with it:D

  74. XxERmmaxX Said:

    i cut my hair for now i only go to a stlyist to get it thinned out
    i love my bangs but they fall in my face 😦
    but im used to it
    im looking at hair extensions cuz my hair is thik so i wanna get it cut short so i can straighten it faster and just clip in my extensions
    but now i no how to do it thanks!!
    my hair is about to myyy
    breeasst lol
    thanks youuu
    but i hair short layers do i have to grow them out to 😦

  75. Freakyx::. Neon raINbOwzzzzz.:: Chikkkkkkk Said:

    Heeeeehhh ummm im obsessd with scene but 2 the point…..

    umm I straiten meh hair every morning and all that and im getting meh hair done scene but I cant get the big huge stuff what do you recommend? Meh hair is naturly wavy/curly(not super curly but ringlets but not that I have grown it oout to about4 inches away from meh belly button),it is dirty blonde and I have side bangs(not good ones though not like razored bottoms and in front of my facee) I am aloud to die my hair whatever but meh 2nd question is what hapeens if ur short on $ money like you cant spend $70 on 1 pair of skinnie jeans and you cant get out to like toronto to get good scene clothes and crap like that what stores do you recomend???……srryy itz long

    lollz luv Freakyx::. Neon raINbOwzzzzz.:: Chikkkkkkk

    ps goood advise….<3

    • asianSCENE. Said:

      What I recommend, is PacSun .
      They have greeat scene clothes there.
      &Their skinny jeans are pretty cheeap ,
      They got some graphic tees & flannels.

      Or, some other storees : Wetseal ; Vanity ; etc.
      There are some scene clothes at TJMaxx, & Gordmanss
      -surprisingly ;D

      Hope you find some great clothees 😀

  76. jalyssa Said:

    heyy!!! im obssesed with scene people too =) there just so awesome How would you suggest getting the first picture as a haircut? Cause i took that same picture to a salon and he cut it but i cant make it like that !!!!! =( Do you have any tips? please email me at if u can

    THANKS !!!!!!!!

  77. sc3ne_fr3ak___l0v3 Said:

    Omfg thanks for putting this how-to thingy on here ;] lol um i have what is like a choppy layered hair. My bangs are short, well, they go right below my eyes and its not like to the side or anything its just stright down. I like my hair nd I was just wanting to know something. You might not have the answer, but its like a prediction answer.

    Okay heres the question:
    My hair length is about right below my shoulders. Id say about where the armpit is. I was wanting to know, If my hair is this long right now, how long do you think it would take for my hair to grow long enough til about where the ribs are…

    Like I said, prediction, if your not sure its okay ;}
    I am also a big scene freak! ;DDI have tried my hair in so many styles IT IS NOT FUNNY lol ;p If you can plz answer the question

    Thankzzz [x

  78. rachel hottot Said:

    kaay all of a sudden im obbsessed with being scene so im changing my whole style my mom doesnt mind! 🙂 im only 14 years old and i was wondering what i should do for my first hair cut being scene???….i would show you a pic of what i look like but i dont have the option to do that on this site i have longish hair haha and its brown and im dying it black once i get it cut…if i dye it black what colour do u think would go best i was thinking pink and/or blue ooooorrr red and someother colour???? what do you think ???? i have 2 pictures picked out but im having trouble deciding cuz i dont wanna go to school with my hair fucked up!!! :S and i dont want my boyfriend to think im messed lmao!!! hahah 🙂 :S 😦 WHATS YOUR ADVICE!!!

  79. pussycat Said:

    love the 2nd girl hair colors :p

  80. Carly [: Said:

    Oh my gosh [: ok so im a girl living in a totally boring world. All my friends and i r like hollister, aerie, blahh same as all those prep posers and i told my friends, i like scene. i like the hair. i like they way they act. all my friends agreed, i already do act like a scene. my older so my older sisters friend was over for a sleepover, and at the same time i was looking up some scene hair styles for my upcoming hair cut. when she saw me looking at the pictures she grabbed my hand and took me into the bathroom and gave me a complete scene makeover. i loved it. thick black and pink eyeliner. long lashes, pale face, extreme pink bush. the next day i went 2 school with the look and my friends dissed me :[ they hated it. they said i looked retarted and way to emo. i told them they were being silly and its still me i just wanted 2 change my style around. there now not my friends. i joned a new group of friends who enjoy my style. i just got my hair done last week and when i saw the picture of the girl with blonde hair and colorful streaks i automatically thought it as me! legit it looks exactly like me. creepy [:

  81. Shannon Said:

    Well, i have recently bought extensions from Sallys beauty salon. They are 18 inches and they are dark brown. The color of my hair and the extensions match perfectly fine, but the only problem is that my hair and the extensions dont blend in so well. I’m not sure what im doing wrong exactly. I have watched SEVERAL youtube videos, and it never seems to come out right….also the extensions sometimes itch or feel like they are pulling on my hair. Any suggestions? My hair reaches to the middle of my boobs.


    i used to have amazing scene hair, it was golden! , but my hairstylist messed it up completely. since then, my hair has become, how you sayy… just regular? it’s thick-ish. i have medium layers, and long sideswept bangs. it’s not working for me anymore. i’m going to get my hair re-done again this weekend, i may go with the first picture to take in, besides that i have 20plus pictures to give example. besides that.. any ideas on what would be cute for me?

    &&i have dark brown hair, practically black. color choices would be good too!

  83. kim Said:

    hey, i have very long ( elbow length) thick hair. I always wanted to have layered “scene” hair with the long layered bangs. Every time i go to a hair salon they tall me i cant cut my hair with layers like that because my hair is to long and thick -_-. I show them pictures of what i exacly want but they say i cant get tht. I dont think its a problem for me to have long, thick layered hair! right? my hair is very smooth and shiney because i sraighten it every day. Can you give me some tips on hoe i should cut my hair. Even some pictures for examples!?

  84. Sam Said:

    I’m not a scene kid but omg I love scene hair so much! Everytime I go to the hairdresser I bring in a picture of scene hair but it never works out that way! My layers and fringe are quite long now so i usually tease my hair to give it volume and a keep my fringe in place. Now that i’ve got the hang of teasing my hair and stuff I’ve decided to go for a scene hair cut again and i’m getting it done in a few days 🙂 I’ll use your tips and hopefully it will work out right 😀
    I hope it works out great but the problem for me is always the fringe cos it never works out right for me. I can never get my fringe to go that far over…then again i’ve only just learned how to hairspray it properly so maybe i can do it this time. Thanks for the tips!

    • ribbajack Said:

      fringes are difficult to get the hang of, but just keep experimenting with parting your hair and you’ll get the hang of it in no time :]

  85. Matii Said:

    ): i have darkkk black hair.. and i have hair.. cut all scene like.. and like.. i wanna put..color in it.. so badly like in my bangs and what not.. but i dnt know.. how to .. helpp me?? im really scared to bleach D; idk D; an i dnt know what will look good.. and i dnt want like.. something really drastic D; helppps):

  86. J160060 Said:

    im getting my hair cut in two days.
    i Really wasnt the scene more like the 3rd and my mom most likley wont let me get it cuz im only 11.
    but im short and that wont look to good and i cant tease my hair and my sister shes 13 and she can tease hair preety good but she prob wont tease it EVERY morning before school do you know any thing that is kinda like it but you dont have to tease??? that isnt HUGE??

    • ribbajack Said:

      using root booster as an alternative to teasing can save a ton of time. you definately wont get the same amount of volume as you would with teasing, but it does gives your hair a little poof.

  87. :P Said:

    luvv all of these styles!!! thankyouu soo much!!!

  88. Jennii(: Said:

    I’m Getting My Hair Dyed As My Present From Santy This Year ^ ^ ..xD
    And I Reeallyy Love The Second Hairstyle, The One With The Blonde And The Pink And Purple, But I Dont Want To Bleach All My Hair > < ( I Have Dark Brown Hair Btw xP ) ..D'you Think It'd Be Nice If I Had The Pink And Purple Like How It Is In The Pic, But Where It's Blonde I'd Have I Black..? I Think It'd Be Nice ^ ^ xx Thanks For The Tips Btw (:

  89. melissa123 Said:

    i cut my own hair like that and it came out better

  90. SJ Said:

    I was thinking Of getting This hairstyle;;

    There are Not many Scenes or Emos at my school, there are Just a few, Who are older Than me, and All hang ot together.

    I’m 12, and I though I’d go for a casual, Not over the top Look,also, because I’m 12, and Other scenes may Look down on me…
    So, that hair, with a blue or white hair extension Streak.

    Do you think That would look good? In a very dark Brown (seeing as Mum won’t let me get it Black. Gawd)

    • ribbajack Said:

      you can totally get scene hair without it being over the top. go for the haircut you want if you think itll look good, and instead of teasing it a ton, just tease a tiny bit to add a little volume instead of craziness. you don’t even have to tease it at all, i have girls that have the scene hair cut and don’t tease it or do anything to it at all. good luck with your hair! and don’t worry about what the older kids think ;]

  91. Anonymous Said:

    dear girls with big glasses, i think you look silly 🙂

  92. Loren Said:

    i think this look is rather dumb if you ask me. no one wants there hair to look like a 3 year old cut it now do they? the color on the other hand is pretty much wack. use a normal color; guys love dark haired girls and thats a promise, but they dont like a girl whos got all colors of the rainbow in there hair just seems kinda childish dont cha think?

  93. elizababe(: Said:

    hey dus anyone noe how much extensions cost and wer is te best place to get them?

    • Shannon Said:

      I got mine at sally’s beauty supply, they costed about 90 bucks overall..

      • elizababe(: Said:

        thanx XD

  94. Youuurmom ;D Said:

    this was really good! ^^
    i just felt like saying that ive wavy/curly-ish scene hair…bangs/layers all that shit xD
    there’s actual people who pressure me to straighen my hair, but im too freakin lazy,lmao

  95. Alex Said:

    if you had scene hair, would it look stupid if u didnt tease it?

    • Shannon Said:

      no, not at all. alot of girls dont tease it.

  96. Bree Said:

    Ok so right now I have shoulder length darkish brown hair. I layered it short myself with a razor xD
    So I want to get my hair bleached with dark brown underneath, but I want it to be like waist-length. I think I’ll be able to go to a salon sometime this week. Should I ask them to bleach it and just add the dark brown extensions or should I wait for my hair to grow out first? I mean, I don’t want it to look weird or anything. So I would have shoulder length blonde with all the rest dark brown, but I want the blonde to be longer so my hair’s not mostly brown. Wow, I sound confusing. So what should I ask hair stylist to do?
    Here’s how I want it(It’s kinda hard to see)-

  97. soriana nava Said:

    awww this program thing is so cute <33 i want to join it but i dont know how sad face :[ can any one help me please?

  98. soriana XD Said:

    oh my goshies this is goign to be the place were i share my feelings in cuz i dont belevive anyone else so yeah today was like so horrible cuz i have two sisters right? and then like they always talk without me and at night wea all sleep ion the same room and then i dotn get to talk to them cuz they leve me out and then when im alone its when i want to be alone but then they force me to go upstairs and play but i dont want to then my big sister stops evrything and sais”why dont you want to play?” and then she gives a humungus speech that i never try to have fun and then i end up feeling bad fer them when i fucking shouldnt!!! >.< and then i end up going to the bathroom and cry like a fucking crybaby but theres nothing else i an do to stop them cuz like there my sisters i can tyell at them and then my mom comes home and starts yelling like theres no tomarrow but mainly at me cuz im the "worst" child as she thinks and im trying all i can to be the best but no one sees it *cries* i wiash i lived somewere else and then guess what?! when my sisters are old enough there going to move somwere far away and leave me behind what am i going to do? someone please help me *cries more* and then the only place i get peace in is in school and i get bad grades cuz im too busy consentrating on the stuff thats going on at home and then my mom yells at me fer it TT_TT and then my mom is having trouble paying bills cuz my mom and dad are divorced and my brother is in jail hes 20 years old and hes not going to be out in about 3 or 4 years and hes the only one who maybe only care fer me and i just hate that im always the third wheel in evrything i get the less money i get the less clothes an dshoes and i dpnt even thionk my parents love me any more………. someone please help me i hate my life so much i want to end this pain and just go to hell were i belong i don deserve to be here in this world….i deserve all the bad things in this planet i have no clue what im still doing here…….some one help me choose….should i leave the planet or should i stay?….i dotn know were i belong anymore…..someone help me as soon as possible please i beg you! *cries harder trying to breaht*…………help me someone………. now TT_TT

    • StrawberrySkittles Said:

      I know exactly how you feel. I’m the oldest of all my little brothers who i have to take care of all the time. Through all the tough times.
      The oldest of them, their father died but before that he was really violent and had fights with my mum. It was really hard because i was only 6 or 7.
      The when i tought things couldn’t get worse…they did. But i don’t really want to say what happened to me because it was really horrible.
      But i got help. I went to a counceller thingy but i didn’t like it. After a while i just talked to my nanna and cried alot. I mean, i probably cried everyday.
      Don’t worry, theres nothing wrong with crying at all. Anyway, the point i wanted to make is that i understand your pain and i know how terrible it feels. So, i’m here if you need any help.
      I agree with bree. Study and work hard. Take some time by your self sometimes to apreciate the wonderful things you have in life.
      You have the internet to talk you us = )
      You have an education.
      You have shelter and parents who work to keep you alive.
      I’m sorry you were given this life like i was, but if you study, you get better marks and you get a good job. It should work out.
      Never forget that you are special and deserve to live a good life no matter what. I never would have made it if i didn’t have support, so heres mine.

  99. Bree Said:

    I’m so sorry Sori! (Is that what we should call you??)
    It’s so sad how all of this is going on in your life, but you shouldn’t just quit life. Everyone here on the internet supports you (:
    I’m sorry you were so unfortunate to be given this life, but there are so many positives here on Earth! If you leave us, then that would make you a quitter. If you stay here and try to fight through these tough times, God or whoever’s out there will feel proud of you and everyone else with these problems. I know how you probably feel like you don’t want to be here, but I don’t even know you and it would break my heart if you don’t stay here. You VERY much belong here.Even Hitler belonged here. (but you’re nothing like him xDD)
    If you need any help or advice, everyone here can give it to you (:
    Goodluck living! xD
    Also, Happy Holidays!!!~

  100. Bree Said:

    Meh. It’s 2 am and I still haves more advice to give you Soriana or Sori xD
    I’ve known dear people to me in jail, but I’ve never had a sibling in jail so I’m sorry about that. Instead of trying to talk with your sisters, study. Ask to help your mom in any way possible, or leaving her to her problems will help. Try not to worry about her too much, she’ll make it through these tough economic times (:
    Try to not worry as much. That tends to help a lot…
    And I KNOW that no parents in the world have a “worse child”. You’re like a blessing to them and don’t forget it!
    Your parents are trying their best and I know it may seem like they’re not giving you any attention, but form what you’ve told us, don’t you think it’s pretty hard on them? Their son’s in jail, divorced, not doing well on bills, AND they have to take care of their daughters. They’re trying their best, and if they can, I know they would give you all the attention in the world! You’ll have to wait until things work out, ok? If you be patient for a while and live life to its fullest, things will turn up for you. (:

    Also, if anyone would be so luvleh to reply to my little hair situation, that would make my Christmas! (:

  101. Moollllyy Said:

    Well, anywayy – i love these styles, i favourited this page to print it off, i’m gonna show it to my hairdresser, to see if i can get it like the blonde one – the last picture. It looks so cool but i’m having it in brown, that’s my hair colour. Oh yay cant wait – when i leave school, i’m gonna get colourful highlights x

  102. ii Said:

    Scene haiir iis sooo Awwesoome!!!!!

    getting mine donee soon…….. 😀

  103. StrawberrySkittles Said:

    Hi there. Thankyou for the instructions and the advice, it really does help.
    I have my hair cut scene style but i need it died now. I was thinking purple with electric blue streaks under neath to go with my hyper personality = 3
    My mum thinks it will be awesome but i feel like i need a second oppinion because i’m only 13. hehe, just like most of the other girls here.

    • Anonymous Said:

      I personally think it would look AMAZING and I would most defiantly want it!

      • StrawberrySkittles Said:

        Thankyou. = D
        I think i’m alot more confident about it now.

  104. StrawberrySkittles Said:

    I forgot to mention…
    I have a straight across fringe that can turn into a side fringe. For all those girls out there searching for a style, you can use that style. Its handy for when i want to have a different hair style.
    The guy at the hair dresser did my hair wrong ( kinda) so i just gave myself some layers at the top. Its easy if you have a steady hand and just drag the scissors or a razor down the hair to give it a jaggety zig zag kinda look.
    It works = D

  105. Hannah Said:

    I love this hair I want to get my haircut like this!

  106. Murrkenzehh Said:

    the only thing i seem to be missing to become completely scene is the hair. its been growing down to my ass and the exact same natural color for damn near all of my life now because my mom wont let me get it cut or dyed. i show her many pictures of all the scene hair i would like to get and she said “it would take too long for the layers to grow back out if i didnt like them” and that the dye “would ruin my hair.” what can i do to convince her its not as bad as it really sounds? :[

    • kandiraver Said:

      well if you have friends who dye their hair you can show that it didn’t ruin their hair. also i have been dying my hair for a year now and as long as you don’t bleach it a lot it would be fine.

  107. Lozzy Said:

    Hello , =)
    I have extensions but i get sick of having to put them in and straighten them and everything (and they end up wavey later grrrrrr! :Z)
    Anyways i wanted to ask if if there was anyway i could get a still dramatic scene look with short hair, i’ve earched short scene cuts but they dont seem BOOM enough if you get me….also any fring esuggestions like pic 2 but ones that dont danle in ur face…. soz big comment but pleaseee reply =) lozzy xx

    • ribbajack Said:

      i know what you mean no worries!
      if you want to have a fringe but also be able to see, i suggest getting short layers that at least match the length of your bangs. this will create a sort of side fringe that isn’t nearly as dramatic.
      i’m going to make a post all about short scene hair. it seems to be a common question.

  108. kandiraver Said:

    well i have brown hair and i don’t know what other colors to add to make it look good. i can’t dye my entire head because i am not old enough, any suggestions for that?

  109. Anonymous Said:

    do you have any directions on how to cut your hair like that first picture??????????????????????????????????????????/ i love that hairstyle!!! it surely is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Cat(: Said:

    I Got My Hair Cut Yesterday, And Brought A Picture And EVERYTHING.
    And The CUnt CUt It Wrong. And Now I Look Preppy.
    My Mom Banned Me From Hair Cutting Scissors..
    Because She HATES T HE WAY I CUT MY HAir.
    So, Any Advice On How TO Get My Hair Cut The RIGHT Way?
    Ive Tried 4 Different Salons.

    • Miranda Said:

      ok, so bring in about four diffrient pictures atleast-ranging from ones you like and ones you hate.
      They need to know what you want and have an idea of what you are NOT looking for.
      Ask for people that have cut hair that are identified in the pictures you like(the ones you brang in).Ask for short layers, and have the ends razored to give the hair a more rough look and define the layers, also ask for the bottom layers to be striat(:
      hopes this helps!!!(:-mirandaaa

      • Cat(: Said:


        —PSS. It DID Help(:

  111. miranda(: Said:

    heyyy, soo I have brown and blond hair and its scene cut.!
    have any tips for extentions I should add-my friends say greens,yellows,reds or blues.
    but im not sure…anytips??!?(:

    • Cat(: Said:

      Well, I Think REDS And BLUES Would Work…Yellows not SO Much, Since YOu Have Blonde..And Green. Green I Just Dont Think Is A Great Color For Hair..
      ^?BUt Thats Just MYY Opinion(:

  112. Cammie:P Said:

    Okay so i want scene cut SOOOOO FRIIKIN BAD! but my mom wont let me get one! :(((( i have to wait till im 16!! one and a half years baby!!!!!!! i dont know if i can wait that long though! gOD! UGG!

    • Cat(: Said:

      Welll, What You COuld TO, Is Get Layers(:
      Tell The Lady To Razorr Thee Enndds Offf YUhr Hair(:

  113. raveena Said:

    i wnt emo hair wat do i ask 4

    • Cat(: Said:

      Well, FIRSTTT>
      You Must TEll The Person Cutting YOur Hair A VERYYY Descriptive, Detailed Way On EXACTLY How You Want It Cut, YOu Should Also Bring Several Pictures(:

      • Anonymous Said:


      • raveeena Said:


  114. Alice Said:

    just wondering do you do anything with the bangs? like on the second pic its all like woosh to the side do you do anything to make it stay sideways? like straighten it or something? :))

    • ribbajack Said:

      to get the “swooshed” look your bangs need to be slightly overgrown and straightened. part your bangs to the far left/right of your face and comb them in the opposite direction of the part and they should swoosh :]

  115. roxy rampage Said:

    simply LUV it!!! the pics r awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i never go nxt 2 a fire with hair spray…lolz…super flamable! ack! XD 😛 i have problems with gettin meh hair tuh stay up

    • Cat(: Said:

      youu shoulldd try Tresseme freez(: that the one i usee(:

  116. Nikki Said:

    okay, so i had a question, i have about medium-short hair, about arm pit langth when straightened, and my hair’s not thick, not super thin but not thick, in between. anyways, i SUCK at styling my own hair, but i LOVE the scene look, im getting my hair doen this week sometime, and i have a few pics to show the stylist, i want platnum blonde with peek a boo black under the bangs and back, but im worried that my hair is to short to the scene look, or not thick enough, all the pictures ive seen are super long hair and they look like they have thick hair. what should i do, and do you think i could make it work with my hair? if you’d like a better idea of my current hair you can check out myspace…

    • Cat(: Said:

      Yoouu should try to grow it a bit lonqqer, maybee try a hair growing shampoo? i got mine at my pharmacy/drug store(: hopeithelps(:

  117. XX Said:

    can any 1 help i duno wah 22 ask 4 i want short layers and aa fik fringe buh duz any 1 av a pic wah i can show 22 da hairdresser fanxyuu xx:)

    • ribbajack Said:

      pictures can be found on my other post, scene hair pics.

      • XX Said:

        o thank youu 😀

  118. XX Said:

    PLZ HELPP ^^^^

  119. Stormy. :D Said:

    Hello theree.
    This is simply amazing.
    Good job kidd. 😀

  120. maddie Said:

    hi i love this guide i want scene hair so bad, i dont want to be a scene kid but i love the hairstyles. my mom might take me to like, greatclips of fantastic sams and they’re a really cheap haircut places, do you think they’ll get it right or should i be safe and go to a quality hairdresser even though it might be expensive?

    • ribbajack Said:

      it might be slightly more risky going to greatclips or fantasic sams, but just because the place is cheap doesn’t mean the stylist is bad! be 110% sure to bring a picture, tell the stylist you want really short layers, and ask them to cut your hair with a razor. As long as you give them good directions, they should be able to get you a basic scene cut, and if not, you can always touch it up once you get home. good luck!

      • SeLf CoNCioUs Said:

        ok so like they just do the ends of ur hair wif a razor righ? so wouldent u jus say i want short layers side swept bangs and razored ends ( shows pic) i have no idea 😦 chec my comment below

  121. Anonymous Said:

    Rave hairspray is a GREAT choice
    it works well, is cheaper than most products and smells amazing
    i would never use anything else

  122. emma Said:


  123. XX Said:

    DIS iz a very very very cool website 😀

  124. Jayded Radio!! Said:

    Okays well First of all HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

    And Okay Wel i am scene…
    I am also getting my hair redyed…(the People F***ED up)
    But my question is Just My hair needs a GOOD!! straightner…
    and since my hair (like the last picture) is blonde i wanted to kno were i could find some prettyful extentions.
    also ASSECORIES!!!!!!!!!! Argh idt you guys know how hard it is to find cheap stuff in my small town and everything.


    So like can Anyone give me advice on finding these things CHEAP???

    • shandiin Said:

      uhhmmm… Try hottopic if there is one near you?
      they have some extentions for like 5 or 6 dollars,
      also they have really cute bows and stuff for under $15?
      hope that helps:D

    • Cat(: Said:

      Theres Thiss Kick Ass Brand, It's Called WetLine.
      Order It Online If YOu Can Find One At The mall:P

  125. shandiin Said:

    What is the best hair spray that works to tease your hairr?
    Everytime i tease my hair it stays good for like 5 minutes!
    also whats the best hair dye that i can get? i wanted like my bangs and like the short parts of my hair that i tease different colors?

    • Cat(: Said:

      Well Teasing; Im NOt Very Suree/:
      I Dye my banqqs all the time,
      and i really like the hair sye at Hottopic, the temporary comb-in one.
      I personally love it(:

  126. jenna Said:

    i hav long layers will that work for teasing hair??

    • tina Said:

      before i got my hair cut i did try to tease my hair but with my hair being that long it weighed it down and it didnt work out…. but then again it all depends on how you tease it… but it would work alot better if you just got shorter layers.


      • jenna Said:

        thx soo much XD

  127. xoxo Said:

    i hav super thin hair and i tryed teasing it and it didnt go so well … it stayed up but then i fell and i did it over a couple of times and it still didnt work also i have long straight across bangs and i want swing over bangs soo exactly how would i do that lol xD

    • Cat(: Said:

      you should try growing the out first, and when washing your hair, blow dry it to the direction you want until it finnaly stays. it took me about a week, but make sure yuh grow out your bangs first, like i said before, if you need help growing you hair out, most pharmacies have hair growing shampooo(:

  128. 0x.Vieanna Said:

    i was wondering what the best product was to do your hair like the second picture. Is there a really good hairspray or gel that you would recommend. Thanks (:

    • Cat(: Said:

      Wel first,
      Gel, usually doesn’t work. Just saying;D
      But i like Rave, Bed Head, Tresseme, Or Garnier Frutics Hair sray(:

    • ribbajack Said:

      I’d agree with Cat, but if i had to pick two i couldn’t live with out I’d recommend BedHead and Tresseme. Bedhead makes some extremely good gels that have the consistency more like silly putty than anything else. Use them in small portions though, too much will make your hair look sticky and greasy.

  129. Tina Said:

    thank you for the tip i kind of already knew most of it because my mom is a hair dresser. but i really liked the pictures and i was thinking about how to cut my bangs becasue i was sick of them being too long and in my face but like i said thank you for the pictures.

  130. Charlie Said:

    Hey, I have dark brown, short hair with natural-looking orange highlights. I always tease my hair and it llooks good. (i think so anywway) My hair is about 2 my shoulderss andd i wantted 2 gget lonng extensions thatt go down the front like the girl in the thirdd pix. mi sister said thatt they loook gross and thatt i shouldntt. Yur opinion onn this?

    • Cat(: Said:

      I don’t liike thoose banqs EITHER:P
      Butt, I Think that the first girl’ and the last girl’ have better bangs:P

  131. Kimmi Said:

    thanks 🙂 i’ve been wanting this hair cut for a long time, im still waiting for my hair to grow down past my shoulders, cause i went with the uber-short scene but it was harder for me to straighten (stubby arms, lol) do you think someone with a round face could pull it off, i dont mean like really round face like a ball but kind of a circular head? 🙂

    • Cat(: Said:

      Uhhh’ well,
      not to be weirdd, but,
      do yoh have a picc?
      because i have no idea what yuh mean:P

      • kimmi Said:

        well not right now, not a updated one
        but its kinda like the girl in the second picture.

  132. Munch Munch? Said:

    I will eat your babies 😀

    • s@r@r@wr Said:

      well thats odd. haha

  133. Omg! I simply loved it! I already know how to do scene hair also and i just love all the pics! Lovely posts and keep up the awesome work! ;p
    Karnage Kupkake

  134. Lottiie xXx Said:

    hiyaaz thnx for the tips theyre really helpful. my hair’s dark blonde. i totally luv scene hair but i have a few problems that i was wondering if you could answer:
    i have a cow-lick in my hair and my hairs thin and slightly wavy >:-(. very annoying!!
    i have some serious split-ends that don’t seem to go away
    my hair isn’t long enough and never seems to grow that much, and when it does the split-ends grow with it.
    my stylist doesn’t get scene hair and says i can’t have it done with my type of hair.
    any suggestions? its just that i’m seriously worried it will go wrong, especially cos of the first prob is said about. 😦
    i’m wonderin whether to just buy a scene hair wig and wear it all da time – but i’m wonderin if it will look fake or if i have extensions they wont go right.
    any help anyone??

    Lottiie xx

    • Cat(: Said:

      Well cowlickk, were is itt?
      my sister used to have one it the frontish part of her facee:P
      and she googled how to get rid of cowlicks on google, and she did what it said:D
      andd split endss,
      theres a Bed-Head product that putss split ends back to normall'(:
      and extension aree betterr(:

    • ribbajack Said:

      Cowlicks can sometimes be tamed with hairspray. spray a small amount onto your fingers and then smooth down the fly away hairs with it. You can try the same thing with a mousse instead of hairspray.
      Try using a nicer shampoo and conditioner every day on your hair. Split ends are a sign of damaged hair, and you can really only get rid of them by cutting your hair. So have your layers redone, or cut shorter. To prevent future split ends, use a heat protector spray before straightening, blow drying, or curling your hair.
      If one stylist doesn’t work for you, try a couple other ones. Stylists are people too, and sometimes they just don’t know how to cut a certain type of hair. Just keep experimenting until you find one you like.
      best wishes!

  135. Stine Said:

    Hey. Do you know what the third girls name is? 🙂

    • ribbajack Said:

      I don’t know any of the girls, all of my pictures were found on photobucket or google images.

  136. rainbow9 Said:

    i love scene hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. s@r@r@wr Said:

    my hair is short but im growing it out like Jenni bigelow [taylor parks’s friend] but whenever i go to style it, it goes flat in an hour. i dont want to use gel, because my hair gets massively curly when it gets wet since i would have to wash it everyday on account of the gel. but anyway. i want my hair to be the legth of jenni’s and i want my bangs and the choppy bangs and stuff but whenever i get my hair cut by the stylist, the bangs never turn out right. like theyre not choppy enough. and they never go across my forehead enough. but my main problem is the choppyness. lol this is getting long and i probably sound like confusing and annoying. but any advice??
    -sara :]

    • Cat(: Said:

      Well, Why Don`t You Learn How To Cut You Banqs Yourself? Thats What I Had To Doo.:P
      There Are Alot of Youtube videos, and step-by-step thinqqs(:

  138. Nervous Wreck Said:

    About the fourth picture… I think that would look amazing on me but if i go to a hairdresser what should I ask for if I want that sort of hairstyle.

    Also.. Is 12 years too young to be a scene kid???

    • Cat(: Said:

      Actually, It all depends on youu.
      I was a `scene kid` at the aqe of 13(:
      But try printinq out the picture, and shoinq it too her.
      that all i can say.
      because i think your to YOUNG to cut your hair yourself.
      But i don`t knoww, i`ve never really qone through thiss.
      when i qot my first `scene` hair cut, my sister did it, because she was `scene`:P

      • KoddyKhaos Said:

        …12 is definetely NOT to young to go scene. Just don;t jump on the bandwagon, cuz then peeps will call yall a poser……which is no fun. im jus gonna warn you now, when i got my first scene cut, i was 12 and people made funn ov mee non-stop. BLAH ON THEM. but do watevs you want, and if thats goin scene, go fo it. good luck. ^_^

      • Nervous Wreck Said:

        Haha thanks 🙂 And i won’t worry about the teasing they’re just people with no lives, and thanks KoddyKhaos about the poser advice, so would you say I should just cut my hair then waitt a couple of months before dressing scene?

  139. OMG OMG!!...Wait...I forgot... Said:

    Is scene kids only really popular in the USA?? I live in the USA but we r thinking about moving and I was wondering if when we move the other people there have never heard of scene I won’t have any other friends who are scene 😦

    • Cat(: Said:

      Jajajaa, Actually No.
      Well, actually, it all depends on WERE Your movinqq.:P
      because places in Europe, have scene kids too:P

      • OMG OMG!!...Wait...I forgot... Said:

        Oh thanks so much I’ve been desperate to know 🙂

  140. Rosie Said:

    love the hair!!!!! i actually have the second girl as my friend on myspace! not lying for those that think i am! her name is Jessica. i simply looooove her hair!!!!!

  141. Hey there I got my hair cut all scene like last year.. I was 12.. Im bout to turn 13 in April the 12th and the person who cut my hair was someone who had cut their own hair but I was nervous lol but anyways my hair is a light brown… and I can’t dye my hair in any un-natural colors as much as I wanna lol so like any help with the hair dye situation?

    • Cat(: Said:

      1st. Why Can You Dye It Any un-natural Colors? Parents?
      Well, Tyr Blonde Streaks?
      I’m NOt Suree.
      I’ve Never Really Seen Any Colors With Light Brown.
      If It Was Unnatural, A Lot Of Colors WOuld Be Good.

  142. Elizabeth Said:

    Okay, I Really Want Scene Hair But I Dont Wanna Dy It, I Have Brown Hair, Itss Meduim Length And Im Getting Clip-In Extensions. SHould I Get Blonde Or Black, And Im A Scene Freak Too. I’ve Looked Up Every Posible Thing Fer Scene. Im Juss Worried The Hairstylerr Wont Do It Right.

    • Cat(: Said:

      Kay Well, If Dark Brown Hairr, Blonde.
      If Light Brown Hair, BLonde Or Blackk,
      Maybe Even Auburn(if thats how you spell it):P(:

  143. ally!(: Said:

    i know the girl in the second picture!
    its carma! 😀

  144. channy Said:

    whats bedhead products can i get them in australia ? and im getting my hair scene hirctyle after i grow it a bit longer

    • Cat(: Said:


  145. Jessica Said:

    i got my hair razored yesterday & now it’s a short-medium length but how do you tease it. i tried to tease it but layers are even so how would i tease it actually ???? HELP PLEASE !!!!!!

    • Cat(: Said:

      YouTube Might Help?;;

  146. | Love Scene | Said:

    Ok guys, any tips on How i should break out the whole ‘I wanna be scene’ thing? And I don’t think any one else in my family has eveer been into the whole stereotypes buisness I think they were all just, well, not scene or emo or goth or anything…well in the past my uncle used to be a mod (I think thats what it’s called)(A mod was kinda like they just wore black and white) But would that in his day of been a stereotype? Help! Aah!

    • Cat(: Said:

      I Have Absolutely No Idea WHat Your Sayinq.
      Repeat The Question In Fewer Words,

      • | Love Scene | Said:

        Ok: How the hell should I ask my parents if I can bee scene? Lol

  147. Maidson Said:

    Your have great Hair taste;]
    I love all the scene hair styles, ecspecially the Long ones.

    Im 12 ;] the 6th grade. And im so scene! <333
    Thanks for the advise and tips!<33

  148. I*ll Said:

    I don’t want to tell my mum I want to be scene 😦 I’m worried she’ll be kind of ashamed of me? I wonder if she won’t like it? 😦 What should I do? Tell her? Or just not be scene? Or do something different than those two?

    • Nikki Said:

      You should tell your mom, because it is your hair and if you like it go for it! Everybody has the right to try different styles in their life, so if you do want to be scene tell her. Sorry it is kinda late advice. O.o

  149. caitlin Said:

    i can never figure out how to tease my hair rightttt…

    • Cateerinahh(: Said:

      there are TONS of videos on how to tease scene hair on youtubee:D


  150. harriet :P Said:

    how do u get short layers like that?do u have to have thick hair in oder to have scene hair?

  151. SofiieSlaughterr Said:

    Ok, If I want a scene hairstyle what should I ask for? Also, I have a sorrt of diamond/circle-ish head whatt should I ask forr? x

    • SofiieSlaughterr Said:

      Lol sorry, let me re-phrase the last bit: “Also, I have a sorrt of diamond/circle-ish head would the scene hair suit me? x”

  152. harriet :P Said:

    does ure haircut have to be like scene hair even unteased?

  153. riannaa ♥ Said:

    heey, im going to get my fringe done on thursday ,
    but i dont know how im going to explain that i want a swept bang, i know you said to bring in a picture but i done that when i went into rush and she gave a funny look at it and didnt touch my fringe !?

    what am i going to do 😦 ? x

    • SofiieSlaughterr Said:

      Try going to another hairdresserr, maybe thatss just not the sort of thingg she does. Another hairdresser mayy be really good at the fringee ^_^ xxx

      Hope it helpedd ❤


  154. Monster Said:

    whats a fringe?

    • SofiieSlaughterr Said:

      A fringe (or bangs in the United States and Canada) is the front part of the hair, cut to hang or curl over the forehead.

  155. Amy Lee Said:

    How do you part scene hair?
    This is the thing that gets me the most confused.
    I see how some girls have a swept fringe but because alot of their hair is being brought to the front, so you kinda see a part but dont.
    And some are like this

    where there is definetly no part and random strands are brought to random directions.

  156. Kelly(; Said:

    Okay. So. I la la love scene hair and I would like to do it myself. But not to the extreme cause it’s too much of a fuss. There is one problem though: My hair is curly. They’re loose curls though. Plus I have a weird hairline! It’s like I’ve got two bald spots (I may be exaggerating) on either side of my head.

    I straighten My hair but not all of it though. Just the bangs, well, the whole front of my hair and the back. My hair is like, Ohh, I dunno, a couple of inches under my shoulders? :/

    Any suggestions?

    P.S. If I wanted to dye it? what color should it be? I’m like a light brown in the sun but in the shade, it looks almost black sometimes. Thanks 😀


    • Ieshalala Said:

      Okay. If you want scene hair it’s your number one priority. I spend from 7am until 8:10 when I have to rush to get dressed and off to school in time doing my hair. My friends call me insane 😀 You have to love your hair. Straighten the entire head of hair, section it off into small sections so you can glide the straightener over and it is much quicker this way. Also, when you get a haircut ask for the long lengths to be cut into a V shape. It looks great that way and makes your hair look longer. xD And with the dying part? It depends on what kind of hair YOU want. I have kinda medium brown hair but I want it blonde. I’m too scared to bleach it ’cause im afraid it’ll fall out. Harhar. HOPE I HELPED!!! X XD XD

  157. eliana Said:

    i love ur hair lol

    • eliana Said:

      where did u get ur hair done and how uch did it cost? lol xoxo

  158. olivia Said:

    wow. you’re stupid. i hope you get beat the fuck up.

    • Reann Said:

      Uhm then why don’t you just gtfo this page? That would be more neccesary than making that stupid comment right?

    • mb Said:

      Wow u hate it soo much u bothered reading, and posting a comment makes complete sense u @**hole…

  159. mary Said:

    i’m getting my hair done today, and i can’t wait! the second pic is my friend cece, she likes putting here pics up on the internet so no wonder it’s there. i’m getting how hair hair is layered in the front, and full bangs but not quite so chopping like hers. i hope it turns out ok.

    • mary Said:

      my hair turned out amazing! i’m so happy with it!!

  160. sally Said:

    i’ve got realy curly hair but i want it cut like this any ideas?

  161. xXkyla_personXx Said:

    ok os my hair is REALLY curly do you know any good flat irons that dont take hours to get straightend?

    • xXkyla_personXx Said:

      Sorry ment so not os

  162. Elizabeth Said:

    is there any video on youtube you sugest? i looked up how to cut scene hair and only found a ton of really stupid and crappy videos that didn’t help at all

  163. xxMinnieeexx Said:

    How should i let mehh parents knoee i wuntt scene hurr???rite noww im getting demm used 2 teased hurr. (btw im 11 but im prob. gunna get it b4 6th grade)andd the pic i wunt 2 bring in is the second 1.but yooh kant see da side,so is there a better pic of her that shows the whole front??

    • mary Said:

      i know the girl in the second one. her name is cece, she’s my girl! (she’s like to put her pics on photo bucket and just the internet in general) if u want i can send u some more pics of her, i’m not sure if it would help, but if u want e-mail me @

      • Anonymous Said:

        oh really you know her? does she use clip in extensions because i really need to get some and i always wondered where she got them (figuring she DOES use clip ins) because she has ahhh-mazing hair!

  164. Emily :))) Said:

    How should I tell my mum and dad that I want to be scene? I’m 11 years old, is that too young to be scene? :S

    • mary Said:

      just show them a pic, and tell them i want this kind of haircut. or say i want a scene haircut, my mom didn’t know what scene was so i’m not sure ur parents would know. and it’s never too young to be scene! 🙂

      • Emily :))) Said:


        That really helped 😀

  165. Nikki Said:

    Hi! OK, so I want scene hair and I’m 11 but I don’t want colors and if i do I’m going to get temporary but I have thick wavy darkish brown hair with just a tint of red in the sun and I don’t want it to be to flashy because when i go over to m grandmas house i don’t want her to freak because they are preppy so they would be all ‘ Oh my god! What did you do to your hair? It looks…… nice?’ you know? and sorry this is really long but any tips with what to go for?

  166. khloe Said:

    how does scene hair work if your hair is curly and wont stay straight ..?!

    • WickedCrazyAwesome Said:

      I would get a relaxer treatment for your hair (chemically straightened). A straight perm! This makes it so much easier to style your hair and straighten it with a flat iron just the way you want it! I have curly hair too, so I know what you are going through! haha!

  167. Cazza x Said:

    heey x im 11 yearz old and im dying to get my hair cut like the second photo but often my mum says that she doesnt want me looking like a punk or whatever :\ sometimes it gets on my nerves because atm i have the shittest hair and i want it styled!
    i was wondering. If i go to the hairdressers and bring them a photo of the style i want and say id like side bangs and short layers do you reckon my hair would turn out ‘successful’ ?
    it would be great if you could hit the reply button and give me some advise(:
    thanks! xx.

    • Anonymous Said:

      sorry, but a “fresh-from-the-hairdresser” punk cut is usually not successful…right away. u have to let it grow a little bit like a month or so before it will be how u like it but then u will luv it! (i have that prob all EVERY TIME cuz no one understands punk anymore lol)

  168. Reann Said:

    Thanks so much! These instructions were really easy to follow. Unlike those articles that are super long, but get me lost after the like 2nd sentence 😛 So thanks alot!!

  169. Reann Said:

    Thanks so much! These instructions were really easy to follow. Unlike those articles that are super long, but get me lost after the like 2nd sentence 😛 So thanks alot!! One question: Once you’ve gotten the haircut with really short layers, does it take long for it to grow back and get it the right looking-way again? Hope u understand what im trying to ask…thanks 😀

    • Anonymous Said:

      well it depends on how long ur hair is…if u have a pixie scene cut with short layers it wont be long for the layers to catch up to ur regular hair length. If u have long hair, it will take FOREVER to grow to ur norm length. I have long hair n short layers and my layers are like, a whole 18 inches shorter than my original hair length!

  170. Anonymous Said:

    hey, any tips on how to get scene hair with really thin hair? ive tried but i hardly have any layers cuz my hair is too thin for my hairdresser to do it (they always complain bout how they physically CANT do something with my hair 😦 .) My hair is also smooth so it doesnt get poofy n frizzed n punked out like everyone elses. Is my hair too thin to ever do this or is it possible to get something BIG N PUNKED OUT?
    – scenegrl

  171. Katy Said:

    Omg, I LOVE scene hair and Im getting it done in the next couple weeks- im getting teal and white streaks and I am so excited!!

    Question- what if your hair is only a little past ur sholders???

    • Anonymous Said:

      yeah u totally can…just get a lot of thick short layers and if u want, get clip in extensions.

  172. poison apple Said:

    Can you get scene hair if your hair is only a little bit past your sholders???

  173. dontcare Said:

    Im getting mine like the 1st pic 😉

  174. Anonymous Said:

    I’ve showed some scene pictures to my mom, but i just told her “I like this hair can I have it done?”, and not, “I want to be a scene kid”

    But she said it would take alot of work to get your hair looking like that every morning and well I’m 11 going into highschool VERY soon, so how do you think (or do you think i’d be able to) convince my mum to let me get it done? And also do you think i’d get bullied because of my hair?????? :S

    • poison apple Said:

      Wow, I don’t have any advise for you. I am 11, and I have been showing my mom pictures, and she said it would be too much work, too. Wierd…

      • poison apple Said:

        But I highly doubt you would be teased for having scene hair. If anyone was going to tease you, it probably wouldn’t be for that because scene hair isn’t dorky or anything, its actually really cool and popular.

      • Anonymous Said:

        Oh ok 🙂

  175. fukyourmom Said:

    get a life!

    • mb Said:


  176. mb Said:

    OMFG! U have no idea how helpful this is! I WANT SCENE HAIR SOO BAD! im getting a haircut in about 2 months(to let my hair grow a little and for hs) and i have tons of pics but i wasnt sure wat to do! Thanks for this. ^^ Im doing coontails, purple! Thx and hopefully can dye under my bangs!!!

  177. 30stm Fan Said:

    You gotta love the scenie kids! ♥

    • Megan Said:

      Yeah cuz we’re Ah-Mazing!!

      • 30stm Fan Said:

        Aha, exactly 😀

  178. Okay I love this! At least I’m not the only person in the world who is crazy about my hairr 😀

  179. Megan Said:

    I’m getting it cut today thanx for this site i’m sure it’ll be helpful =)

    • Megan Said:

      Not exactly how i wanted it but close i’m probably buying extensions and maybe cutting it a lil more to how i want it =]

  180. amber. Said:

    i just turned 13, and i’ve been wanting to get scene hair for a few months now.
    so, in a few days or a week, i’m getting short layers and side bangs.
    i’m just afraid that my hairdresser won’t do it right, and i really can’t find a good picture to show.
    so, i’m a bit nervous because sometimes my hairdresser screws up. ;x
    but i’m also getting streaks put in my bangs.
    i have dark brown hair, and i might put in deeppink streaks.

  181. mla Said:

    in the second picture; i know her. 😀

  182. SeLf CoNCioUs Said:

    Kayy so hopfully youZz guys can help me out!! im basically scene cept for my hair i wear skinny jeans sneakuhz etc.. etc.. all i need iz da haircut but im lik terrified that its gunna get screwed up! so wut do i do? im 14 but my mom wont lemme dye my hair (shes a bitch >:/) and i dont wanna get my haircut scene if i dont dye my hair cos i have like caramel brown hair wut do i do? p.s im lik terrified cos nun of my frenz r scene HELP!!!

    • NahNahNah Said:

      Scene can still look good if you have brown hair! I do! To add a little colour to my hair, I just use extensions. I have a whole wack of them, so I could change my hair every day if I wanted to! And you can always cut the extensions to a length that you want to.
      Hope this helps!

  183. Jay ♥ Said:

    hopefully this will help! last summer i tried getting a scene haircut and it wasn’t even close. my hair is a medium length so i will probably let it grow also cuz my mom doesn’t want me to get extensions. do you think the clip in kind at hot topic would work? cuz i have neon green and purple ones of those and i wanna get the coon tail (if they have it) so yeah would those work cuz there’s no way im getting real extensions…

  184. Anonymous Said:


  185. Jessica. Said:

    Oh thanx this really helped get to the point of how to look scene guide . All the other guides were so long and they didnt even make sense. Thanx xD

  186. Evelynn MURDER Said:

    Ok, I fell in LOVE with Scene like 1 to 2 years ago, when I was like 10 (young, yes, I know.) And, I’m still young, I’m 12, but I’m SICK of waiting ’till I’m older to be scene I’ve searched on google and everything. “How to be a scene kid at a young age, etc.etc.” I’ve showed my mum pictures of scene hair (pictures of Brookelle Bones) but she said it would take too much work. I know the stuff I’d wear if I wear scene, and I love ALL of it, every single bit of it. But, one problem…

    I feel like my mum would hate the idea of me dressing scene, even if I didn’t tell her it was scene, but I can just let this go, I’m in LOVE WITH SCENE. Anyone’s opinion please? Anything to help me?

    Please? ♥

    • maddie Said:

      if your mom doesnt like “hot topic type stuff” vintage goes good to with one color scene hair. nuetural colors. kinda earthy. or you can slowly become scene and your mom will ajust.

      • Evelynn MURDER Said:

        Oh, ok thanks, one more question, I can’t find any hot topic’s in the UK I can only find the online UK Hot topic shop, but when I go online to the hot topic UK shop, there’s barely anything there. And there’s only two items in the trouser section and they look more gothic than they do vintage.

    • tooyoungbutstillfast heheh ^_^ Said:

      hey im young 2
      im 13 ya!! *hi 5s*

      ok but wut yooh gotta do is make the choice

      sooo wif my mum wen i told her i was gettin my hair cut short
      SHORT! not scene not emo just short
      she exploded

      but its YOOR hair and YOOR clothes wif close just by stuff tht is bright collors and stuff
      i didnt think my parents wuld liek meh being brite and random but they dont really care

      yor not hurting any1

      also wif hair DONT DYE IT!!
      tell yoor mum yooh wanna get it cut and say (if yooh have) i’ll buy it (haircut) wif my own money made my mum cave XD

      also get LOADS OF PICS get the front the side and the back make sur yooh hav a three sixty look on chur hairstyle

      wen yooh get it cut by a stylist tell them yooh want it too be razored the layers should be sharp and edgy
      (point at a pic to emphasize the edgyness)
      if the phuck up
      AND THEY WILL T_T yooh can get a frend or do it yoor self if yooh see a vid to explain how 2

      if yooh do want colours get clip ins
      most parents dont want there young kiddies (GRRR) havin hightlights and this way yooh can put them in after yoor leave

      i say not dye because my dad sade i wuld look liek a hore if i had and if yoor mum doesn’t liek yooh being scene permanent isn’t the way to go

      srry if this was confusing hope it helped =D

      • Evelynn MURDER Said:

        It did, thanks so so much 😀

  187. Evelynn MURDER Said:

    Sorry, the message above, I was mean’t to say ” even if I didn’t tell her it was scene, but I CAN’T just let this go,” not Can XD

  188. maddie Said:

    ive had my hair long forever!!!! but need a change. i already havestraight bangs and im getting my sister(who just got her cosmo liscense to cut my hair. ive always wanted my hair to be like this. all you girls are so pretty and i want the same 😉 hopefully i can get her to cut it tnight. any tips for her?

  189. Hmm... Said:

    I’m trying to decide whether I should become scene over the holidays or whether I should become a kandi kid?

    …Any opinions?

  190. jazzelyn Said:

    Your my hair soul sister!!!!!!!!! =) Im going in tmrw for some bleaching and cutting I have strayed away from my scene-ness I am so ready to be back!

  191. Anonymous Said:

    are there any places that sell cheap clip in extensions? I think the hairdresser ones would be too expensive but hot topic only has tiny ones when i need like a LOT of thick clip ins. websites? places?…

  192. tooyoungbutstillfast heheh ^_^ Said:

    hey =P

    ok so im 13……

    i’m goin to get my hair cut in December so i got a lot of time

    but im gettin my hair cut in a short sceney style but i hav quite thin hair
    AND im not allowed to dye it either!!!
    grr i h8 being young T_T

    so can any1 help meh i’m stuck on really how i should layer it (cus thin hair) and wut products to use cus im gonna straighten it
    GRRRR problems >_<

    also if any1 knows a website that has cheap/reasonably priced hair stuff that wuld be gr8 too XD

    thnx if yooh hlep =D


    • SAVdaNINJA Said:

      Ok, get your hair cut, but if you can’t dye it, get extensions! You can cut && razor them to the length you want, i got purple ones and they look Hott and for the straightening just find a before straightening spray, and condition evry wash 🙂 im 13 too and it looks good

  193. Tashaa' Taser?x! Said:

    Can someone please give me a easy-to-understand (and follow) description on how I can do my hair like this:

    (By the way I’m a newcomer to the whole scene thing so at the moment I just have plain straight hair not scene hair)

  194. Emily Sykk Said:

    i got my hair cut a few days ago and it SUCKS!
    i asked them to give me a-line hair and instead i got a BOB!
    it looks awful!
    its too short at the front and the layers at the back are too long to spike up
    it took me MONTHS to grow my hair long enough to have it cut short and they fucked it so much!
    i don’t know what to do with styling or how im gonna make it look good again
    i really need help


    • Anonymous Said:

      Just try and find some a style you like that is achievable if you have short hair, maybe search ‘Short Scene Hairstyles’ on google images and find a hairstyle you like, and just style your hair like the picture you’ve found until it grows long enough. Hair grows back fast if your patient enough.

      I suppose thats all the help I can give you. Just be patient it’s just hair, it’ll grow back.

      • Emily Sykk Said:

        i guess yoor rite im just gonna have to wait…
        but good idea i’ll look up some styles im sure there should be something for me

  195. Not bad,it just not my choice.

  196. Rebecca Said:

    omg!! Im ONly 14 And I Always Get Complements Sayin, How Do U Get Ur Hair So Freaking’ BIg! I Say IT’s Called Scene Homie G’s Hahaha xD Thanks This Really Helps Me!! ^_^

  197. Fallon!! Said:

    hey uh I have natural dark brown hair with hints of blondish-reddish highlights(also natural :]) and I want to get some highlight more dramactic then my natural ones you know? anyway I want to know some suggestions. I was thinking pink cuz it always seems to bring out my hazel greenish greyish eyes but I don’t know if it will look good with my hair color. Help?? oh and also my side bangs never seem to stay to the side no matter what. Is there any way to cut them to make them stay??–ya_that&uid=4506180&title=after+a+fun+day+at+the+mall+XD&c=18&x=47&d=&g=1&s=3&fid=0&tagged=0

  198. Helen Said:

    I am about to get my hair cut, it’s almost halfway down my back right now…I am not sure what to do with it. I don’t want to wait for it to grow anymore.

    Any ideas as to what I can do? I also want bangs….i’m leaning towards peek a boo bangs, but will they work with hair that naturally parts in the middle? Please let me know.

    my email is

  199. xCheyennex Said:

    Uhmmmm , I tried to get my mom to layer it for me, and she made it super short. I really realllly like Scene hair. I’m hoping this Summer I will be able to cut it the way I want it when it grows out. I’m thinking of doing it at home because the same thing happened to my friend at a Salon. Everytime I look up how to though it talkes about the long hair (Dunno what it’s called xD) and I’m not sure how you do it. Anyway you could help me with that? 😀

  200. kelsey Said:

    hey so i have about shoulder length u think thats long enough? also im not really sure i could pull off the total scene hair but like do u have any suggestions on ways to make it look sort of scene but still have that preppy look..? (btw love this site)

    • suzanne Said:

      i have the same length hair as you do . and i keep asking my friends and sisters if they know how to estimate and if they say yes i asked them how long would it be if i cut my hair scene/layers

  201. suzanne Said:

    did u print out a picture to show the person that is cutting your hair ? if u did can u show me wat picture it is ?

  202. olivia Said:

    thanks this is really helpful..i want to get it done but im afraid it wont look to good so what do you think i should do? go wit it or forget it???

  203. tiff Said:

    i accidentally cut my layers way to short i have the longest layer past my elbows and now i need help to fix it … bows spiking it teasing doesnt work becus of how short they are

  204. C(el)ine14 Said:

    I’m getting my hair cut soon, and I want to dye it blonde, what other colors like (pink, blue, purple, black, teal…) should I get put in there too?

  205. Anonymous Said:

    way to damn people are getting the “scene” hairstyle. Just to let you know it is actually called Mod not scene. I have been doing this hair style since i was 11 i am now 15. People are getting this style not evening know the meaning of the style plus you cant just do the hair style you have to do the cloths. Understand?

  206. Kara:) Said:

    i love this hairstyle and im actually getting my hair done like this hopefully this weekend and thanks for the tips they’re great 😀

  207. Panda Said:

    i love the scene hair 😀 i have dyed my hair nd cut it myself…add my facebook if you have any questions or want examples.
    remember-you can do all of these hairstyles by yourself 😀 its hard work, but its not too hard. its worth it as well<3


  208. bluecupcakemuffins:3 Said:

    ahhh so im 13 and i REALLY want scene hair. my hair is thick. but like cani dress up like how i want to if i had scene hair?

  209. bluecupcakemuffins:3 Said:

    i really want scene hair. is it good to have thick hair? and im 13 >:D hehe wel ANYWHO could i dress anyway and still have scene hair?

    • Anonymous Said:

      Yes .. just be your self if you like the hair style get it :3
      You dont have to listen to what anyone else says :T

  210. Anonymous Said:

    ohthank u thank u thanku. u r my hero of hair advice

  211. Me Said:

    Im getting my hair cut scene tomorrow and this help a bunch! Thx^.^

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  213. shelbysapphire Said:

    Over the summer I plan to get my hair cut then dyed a week before the school year begins, so I’ll have time to get use to it. I love how you explained it 😀 I’m planning to get scene hair that is really long (cause my hair will grow over the summer), and have the top part farly layered, leaving the longer parts alone. Then, I plan to dye it black on the top (basically where all the layers are), blonde in the middle of the hair, and dark red at the tips. I’m so excited!!! 😀

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  218. Anonymous Said:

    What types of people would look good with scene hair? I wanna get mine styled like that but I’m not sure if it would look right on me….

  219. Anonymous Said:

    I wanna cut may hair like this any step by step tutorial is there pl z share it

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    Торговля для бирже криптовалют стала вдобавок проще!

    Moon Bot – Бот-терминал на пампах, торговли по сигналам, реализации стратегий с отложенными ордерами,ручной торговли методом скальпинга на любых парах BTC-XXX
    Работает на Bittrex и на Binance!

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