Prom ’09

Yesterday was prom for my school, and it was so much fun! After three hours of preparation I was ready, here’s how i prepared :]

Hair: My hair took me an hour to do! phew!


I used TIGI Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Shampoo and the matching conditioner to strengthen my hair (it worked really well, i could feel the thickness :] )After showering i applied Herbal Essences- Shimery Nights to my hair while still wet to add pretty sparkles in it, and blow dried it next.  I then used a hair straightener and then the fun part begain- TEASING! yay! I put the upper layer of my hair in a pony tail and teased to the extreme my middle layer of hair in the back.  I used TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray to hold the teased amounts of hair, and then released the top layer and sprayed a small amount to hold, and it worked amazingly! My hair held all through the night and even until the next day! I had to shorten my bangs a bit with my razor (i cut my own hair) and then i was all done! ^_^ i was very happy with how it turned out.


Makeup: I love messing around with makeup so this was tons of fun! First i used a liquid foundation; Clinique stay-true makeup oil-free formula. I highly recommend it. It blended in with my skin perfectly and covered almost all of the flaws. I followed up with a Clinique blush that i got in a free sample kit. i applied the blush just slightly above my cheekbones. cimg0131 Eyes were next. i started with eyeliner, which was again, Clinique. It was creme eyeliner and lasted the night without smearing horribly. i applied to the inside of my eyelids on both the top and bottom lids, just slightly brushing above my bottom lashes, and applying to the corners. I then used white eyeshadow as a base on both of my lids and smeared a small amount under my lower lashes. On my eyelids I used an auburn brown over the white, covering about 3/4s of my lid. i used black eyeshadow just above my upper lashes, drawing a line to the corner and applying some to the corner as well. Mascara time :], i used Define A Lash waterproof Mascara by Maybelline. I love this mascara. The only bad part about it was that it smeared a bit later on in the night, but it did last me a long time without smearing so it was good enough for me. Finally, i used a two-step lip gloss from covergirl that was a light pink color. It worked really well and didn’t rub off even after lots of kisses, food, and water!

Clothing and Etc: I got my dress from Cache, and my shoes (which were white heels) from DSW. I got nude thigh-highs from kroger at the last minute haha and used some dangley silver earings that i’ve had forever, though i believe they’re from Claires. I matched my dress with a silver clutch to also match my boyfriend’s tuxedo (which he looked amazing in!), and wore a necklace that he gave me. After spraying on some perfume i was ready to go :]cimg0118

So once i was all ready..  My boyfriend, Laurence, picked me up looking extremely handsome in his tux! We went over to his house and took pictures, then drove over to our friend’s house where we switched vehicles to a van, that was quickly transformed into a Prom-mobile after roars of protest to the writing of “PROM ’09” was drawn in pink letters across the windows. We rode the prom-mobile to dinner and then to a cute park downtown where we spent a whole ten minutes before hopping back into the van and riding to prom. The dj was a bit weak in the beginning, playing strange, half-slow half-fast songs that no one had heard before. However, after awhile the songs got much better, as Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and, of course, Baby got back were played. Overall, it was an amazing night.




  1. bakingbarista Said:

    Awwwwwwe!!! Laura, I’m so glad you had funnn!!!!!!

    And that was such a good idea doing a silver clutch to match Lawrence’s tux. Perfect!!!
    And about your scene hair post from the other post, omg I love it. I absolutely positively cannot waittt for your hair to be like that! I don’t think mine would look right cuz it’s so fine. but you will be gorgeous darling!
    in fact, you already are!!!
    let me know how your mousse turns out! I made magic cookie bars at like 9 this morning and they were good! 🙂 hahaha

    • ribbajack Said:

      thanks livi!
      omg i know i can’t wait to have my hair look that amazing either. it’ll take a long time though, because it has to grow out so much, and also my hair is thin as well (teasing only makes it more thinned out xD). but i’m going for like white and pink stripes i think. im going to do it over the summer :] i also really want to get my cartilage pierced over the summer as well as a third piercing on my other ear, but i doubt my parents will let me so im gonna work up to that one haha.
      magic cookie bars, what are those? ive never heard of those before, but im sure if you made them they’re delicious!

  2. Prom ‘09 Said:

    […] Original post by ribbajack […]

  3. Katie Said:

    Hi nice blog 🙂 I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

  4. bakingbarista Said:

    Laura, sweetie, the Katie person is a spammer:[
    lol just had to tell ya that
    but white and pink will besooooooooooooo cute!!!! i absolutely cannot wait to see it! omg i should die it for you!!! YES! we are so doing this! haha i want my cartilage pierced too but i’m not allowed 😦 i’m not even allowed having a double piercing now haha.
    but that will be very very cute on you if you can!!!
    and magic cookie bars are like the easiest thing in the world its just like a grahm cracker crust with chocolate chips, pecans, and shredded coconut on top and then you pour sweetened condensed milk all over it and you bake it and it gets all carmalized, and its SOOOOOO GOOD!!! lol i’ll have to make you some sometieme!!! anyways, yes! hahaha LUV YA!

  5. Carly [: Said:

    your beautiful [;

  6. Breeanna Said:

    Oh my god, never cut your own hair,
    I notice all the little things,
    it looks horrible, honestly.

    • ribbajack Said:

      Maybe to you, but whatever i like it.

    • Anonymous Said:

      Her hair looks great. If you have something rude to say like that keep it to urself

  7. XX Said:

    erm..watz ment 2 happen :L erm buh diz website iz cool

  8. Anonymous Said:

    wow your very pretty

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