scene hair pics

i got lots of views on my other post about scene hair, so here are some more pics of pretty scene hair:






  1. Ben Fine Said:

    hahaha :D, I know the guy actually which is funny, he is from ohio. rest just look like trash lawlz. Scene hair is overrated

    • ribbajack Said:

      haha really? that’s so funny that you know him! i just got the picture off of photobucket

    • Sam Said:

      are you frickin kidding me?! these girls are gorgeous! I’d LOVE to have my hair like theirs! they do not look like “trash lawlz”! and by the way, scene hair is stellar. not overrated. if you’re a guy, JERK!

      • Freakyx::. Neon raINbOwzzzzz.:: Chikkkkkkk Said:

        Ya wth let us exspress ARE SELVEs every one is different!! GOD !

      • anonymous Said:

        No. Just no. You’re acting like children. Grow up.

      • florence-chann Said:

        but we are childreeennn @anonymous

    • sophie Said:

      No, you’re just stupid.

    • tooyoungbutstillfast Said:

      ugh…honestly gosh he just said its overrated…which it is, a lot of people see scene hair as a time wasting thing which is why a lot of people don’t have it.

      i know NO ONE that looks like this because most children in england don’t get enough money to keep this up.

      but its not childish and yes we are expressing ourselves! and now in this worlds EVERYONE wants to be different and that makes scene so childish because everyone else is different but in the “same” way.

      everyone used to bully me for listen to secne and emo and metal music and dressing differently with my hair and the way I coustumed my blazer
      now EVEREYONE copies me…everyone at my school had long hair. I went short because long hair makes me look like a 5 year old now half my year have short hair and they all had it done about a month after i got it.

      and with the costumed blazers everyone does it.

      you should be thanking scene for 1) making the side bang cool and 2) standing up enough to make being different something cool

  2. Hannah Said:

    I love scene hair =]

    My hair is black on the bottom with blonde on top and purple streaks on the side


    • ribbajack Said:

      sounds pretty!

    • kaiti Said:

      thats sooo crazy. i have black on the bottom with bleach blond on the to with purple bangs, but i used to have purple streaks

    • Nobodi Said:

      That sounds awesome

  3. katja esquivel Said:

    well first off i got to say why do you shave your brows you girl….

    • ribbajack Said:

      i don’t shave my eyebrows haha
      some girls in the pictures might.

    • emily. Said:

      thats weird, why not wax them?
      or pluk them…

      • laura Said:

        i do pluck them. but some girls shave off their whole eye brow and redraw it on with makeup.

      • Callie Said:

        ew. wierdooes

  4. Corpse Said:

    i shave my eyebrows.. but i dont make them look insane like some girls… my drawn on eyebrows look natural..not even noticeabe..
    then again..
    i rocked it. nothing like a scene goth. woot woot.
    THE END…..

  5. alyssa Said:

    i love this kind of hair but i dont no if i could pull it off lol but all of them look really good 🙂

  6. Bree Said:

    I love all these hair styles but i dont know if i could pull it off.

  7. Bree Said:

    i love all these hair styles

  8. Seven Said:

    Ha ha, the sixth “picture” is actually a digital painting.

    I love how scene hair looks, but I could neither pull it off nor deal with the styling and dying.

    • ribbajack Said:

      whoa i didn’t realize it was a digital painting before!
      nice catch :]

    • demi Said:

      wow i never realized this was a digital painting it looks so real but i can tell now xx

  9. emily. Said:

    the sixth pic is a digital one, hmm.
    welll, thats how i want my hair, its way cute.
    scene girllls rok. 😉

  10. savannah Said:

    ummmmm…. hellooooooo this girls are more than beautiful they are drop dead gorgeous and my scene hair is f**kin hot okay???? i love scene hair its sexy and if any of yall got somethin nasty to say then f**k you biaches!!!!:):):):):):):) lol

  11. Tori Said:


  12. XBunnyGX Said:

    I relli want to get my hair done in that way but im scared if it wont look nice as my hair is just under my shoulder and im wondering if i do it would i better go for hair extensions as well ?

    • ribbajack Said:

      yeah, i’d recommend you for hair extentions.
      how you should tease your hair in the morning starting at your bottom layer and add in the extentions once you’re done styling.

      • XBunnyGX Said:

        ily xxxxxxx

  13. Estherr Said:

    I really want scene hair, but im ginger. so i dont know if i could pull it pff :/

    • chloé-marie Said:

      i had gingerr hair but i just dyed it brown and got blonde under my fringee so it looks good just dye it 🙂

    • Britney Said:

      You could pull it off, Just dye it like dirty blonde with red and blonde and brown streaks(Or something around there) And then style it. Trust me, I know alot of gingers, and i’m one myself, but not as bad. My hair is black(dyed). But yeah, you could pull it off :]

  14. sheylae mc. Said:

    anyone no a good thermal hair spray or someting for when you straighten so you dont fry hair?

  15. shana Said:

    I know the third girl on here. she is super awesome and i’m in uber love with her hair. * we’re in eachother’s hero’s box on myspace*

  16. Jasminee Said:

    whats the name if the girl with the red and black hair and has the word stardust in her pic? i think i kno her

  17. danielle Said:

    i wish i was this purty, 😀
    i’m currently growing my hair out.
    it’s to my shoulders, and i’m thinking about getting extensions.

    • xDamberanotamyxD Said:

      you dont really have to worry if your hair is short or long you can cut it and style it any way you want it to be and i assure you it WILL look gorgeous!!!!…xD

  18. andie Said:

    hey well i love scene hair. in fact my hair for back to school is biengcut like the fifth picture. but my hair will be all blonde with the underneath either black or pink:) anyways scene girls beauty comes out of there makeup hair and CONFIDENCE which u need to rock a look so contriversalhehehe:) my mom thinks im crazy for wanting this hair but idc:)

    • Shannon Said:

      haha same, my mom thinks my hair is physco(: along with the rest of my family but whatver.
      They have it called it a: “lightbulb”, “bubble” or “bomb”.
      Everyone at schools knows me for my “big” hair loll.

    • Anonymous Said:

      ye my mum keeps saying no cus i got spikes like 2 yrs ago and she hated them but i jst got her to say yes and im getting it done tomorow!!!!!!!

  19. SemoKit Said:

    Hays, I have dark brown hair with blond on the tip top of it. I also have long bangs with green on um and a stripe of blue on it lol, I got pink and light blue all over my hair so thats funny I am on lots of YouTube videos for most wanted hair.

  20. Sunniiex3 Said:

    Ahhhh my hairr was up to My Booobss 😀
    Even Longerr
    But it was damagedd Cuase i staighten it too
    muchh so know my hair is up to My Neck ]:

  21. Sunniiex3 Said:


  22. kenzie Said:

    oh-em-gee. im getting the orange-ish hair. but i can’t dye it 😥 these girls are so gorgeous and i just now realized that the sixth pic is a dig. pic. haha


  23. ellaa Said:

    i really like scene hair and only afew people have it at my school so if i got it id definatley stand out but the only problem is my school doesnt allow coloured highlights like pink, green, purple, ect.. and to make things worse my dad wont let me dye my hair :[ life can be soo unfair. ive tried to get choppy layers before but my hairdresser did it all wrong and plus my hair is naturally really curly, any suggestions for hair straighteners, please ? :] xx

    • SierraRae Said:

      conair straighteners work thts wat i have and you dont always have to have colors to have scene hair sum of my friends have black or brown or all blonde hair and they still have it and i have rly curly hair to but even wen its curly it still looks fine so its wat ev haha hope i helped 😀

    • Shannon Said:

      From my personal experience, CHI flatiron works the best.
      I go to a private school, and im the only one with “big” hair, and its funny how people always talk about my hair, it can get annoying but I’ve learned to deal with it. And the color issue…well my school doesn’t allow that either, but i’ve seen many people with it anyways…but hopefully over time, your dad will let you dye your hair xD

  24. Deondrea. Said:

    Im so getting my hair like the 6th girls. Shes gorgeous.. I already have the blonde..I just need to get it cut like that.. But my dad and mom are stupid.. and i go to a private school.. So neither of them will let me dye it..But anyways.. Yeah(:

    • Anonymous Said:

      ye my dad nearly killed me for getting it dyed and my skwl ses were not allowed have “unnatural” coloured hair but every1 has dyed hair anyways

  25. SierraRae Said:

    hahah i love scene hair my hair is black on bottom bleach blonde ontop and diff color streaks like blue pink green and purple all threw it and for the guy the said the girls look like trash they dont you just dont know the style, scene is awsome

  26. Freakyx::. Neon raINbOwzzzzz.:: Chikkkkkkk Said:

    Dude i lov the scene 16 dont no if it would work in meh hair though i would have to thin it like 4 times! XD

  27. Jessicaaaa Said:

    myy hairr is lykee uhm, a little below my shoulderrss(: i do it myysellfff noww, i justt starrteedd puttinn bowss up in it xD
    bowss deffinetley make it cuter,,
    My adviccee, bring a pic too yoourr stylistt, and thinnn it out AAAA TOOOOONNN, (by yourrself, that is) thats whatt i did, cause most stylists are to afraid to take thee risskk, but i like my hair prefferableyy OUT-FUCKINN-RAGEOUS.
    its quite neaat-ohh if i doo sayy so myyselff((((:

    just thought i’d throww that little thinggyy outt there,


    • Emma Said:

      Thank you for the idea! I didn’t know how to tell a stylist how to do my hair haha.

  28. Carly [: Said:

    Wow [: all these girls/ guys look great. although i dont really like the short hair look on most girls i enjoye the longer haired ones [: good picture selection! i love the 6th, 10th, 12th, 15th, 16th, and last poto.

  29. Beth Said:

    I Was Just Wondering The Blonde And Brown One…
    known As ”Scene17”
    And.. ”Scene10”
    How Long Does Your Hair Have To Be To Be Like Theirs??
    They All Look GORGE

    • ribbajack Said:

      pretty long from the looks of it. probably down to between your shoulder blades. however if you don’t want to wait that long to get the look then you can always use extentions.

  30. anna Said:

    My hair looks like the bleach blonde one. I think it’s the 10th picture but yeah. it geets really annoying because it takes so much work to keep it like that all day but in the end it’s worth it! Lol

  31. Hannah Said:

    Hey umm Im like 12 and was think bout getting scene bangs and advice?

    • anna Said:

      You mean just side bangs?

    • ribbajack Said:

      my best advice is to always take a picture of what you want. other tips can be found in my scene hair guide.

  32. Doomeeeyy Said:

    Hey guys, my hair is naturally dirty blonde. My parents won’t let my dye it darker. Grrrrrr! Do you think scene would look good on me, even though Ima dirty blonde? Thanksss =] xx

    • Anonymous Said:

      it wiil dont worry my lil sis has dirty blonde hair and it looks good on her

  33. Moollllyy Said:

    hope my hairrrdressurr gets it right, the last time i asked for a layers and a side-swept fringer, i got layers – NOT CHOPPY – and a stupid side fringe that goes on the wrong side. BLAST YOU TONI & GUY – YOU’RE ONLYY GOOD FOR PROFFESSIONAL NORMAL HAIRSTYLES – NOT BIZARRE OUTLANDISH COOL HAIRSTYLES – GONNA GO TO supercuts NEXT TIME,

    • Too young but still fast Said:

      Holi shet!!
      that is sooo freaky
      i went to supercuts in edgwear and they fucked up my hairt too
      they gave me smooth layers and my bang was cut wrong for my face that it curls
      and now im going to Toni and Guy in mill hill to get my hair done scene like

  34. roraaa. Said:

    haha didnt realise number six is dig.
    im getting mind done like that one:)

    scene hair is boomting BUT scenes arent emos
    they are totally different

  35. Assshhh Said:

    Okay so im getting scene hair. I know everything to ask for except for the tips. the really cool tips , like pretty much all of these girls have. what do i ask for when it comes to these tips of my haiir?

  36. Rachael Osborne Said:

    Hi guys, i am going to get my hair cut and died soon,,, any suggestions?? I was thinking “scene6”??

  37. Bethhhhh Said:

    Thing is, i absoluetly love scene hair. My mum is letting me have it done however i want. i was thinking a bit like the girl with black and dark red. But am i gonna regret it if i go black!?

    also what if i cant style it like the hair dresser? Becos i tried to tease my hair before, didnt go right, ended up like a back comb ¬¬ :L

    also do i get extentios as my hair i only just below my chest?

    reply please. having it done tomorow!! 😮 xx

  38. Kk94 Said:

    Hey,, i rele want extensions but i dye my hair from ginger to a medium brown. But everytime i wash it ,it kind of goes lighter/back to its original color. Any suggestions pls?? Or wha about permanent dye?? thnx

    • Anonymous Said:

      My bff is a ginger kid and she cant use regular dye in her hair at all. Same w/ my brothers gf… My bff used punky dye and it worked REALLY well. Me and my brothers gf both got Special Effects dye, and hers has lasted pretty long in her hair. I had the under part of my hair bleached white and put pink special effects dye in almost 2 months ago… and It’s still pink. So try either one of those! But personally I think special effects is waaaaaay better 🙂 Good luck!

  39. Alex Said:

    except i can’t get it ):
    parents might kill me if i even sugest getting it
    so i hav to settle for layers n side bangs
    i also cant dye it so itz gonna look all blah..boring!!!!
    altho whenever i strighten it after a while it getz like sort of scene hair like
    but the stylist who cut my hair did it wrong n i barley gew my hair to my chest n gonna get it cut better this time cuz i got a pic of the hair style
    any suggestions on how to get my hair to look like scene hair without dying it??? or extentions -.-
    stupid school

    • ribbajack Said:

      Definately go for volume. Using products like root boosters can give you a little poof with actually teasing, and as for the dying, scene hair is more about the cut then the color so use two of my favorite words: razored edges. Even if your mom wont let you get layers, razored edges are the jumping off point for the scene look. Try playing up your eye makeup if you still feel like your look is too boring.
      good luck!~

  40. 2OOBIE Said:

    Like your design…bookmarked…Good job!

  41. Ashley Said:

    i love these hairstyles…im not sure if i could pull them off but im gonna try it out

  42. lindzz Said:

    thier gorous. but howw longg does it take them?
    and any tips? 😛

  43. RiKKi (: Said:

    I’ve just recently found this site, because i’ve taken an interest in scene styles, and now i want to change my whole look to scene. I used to dress preppy (abercrombie, aeropostale, hollister,etc,) but now I hate it. I’ve been searching for pictures of scene hairstyles so that i can get mine done, but i like every single one i find. xD I’m 15 and I’m prolly gonna change to all of this through summer. I’ve grew my hair out a little past my chest (which im sure is long enough) and my bangs are pretty long as well. I live in a small town, and we have the crappiest hairstylists around. Every time i go to get mine cut, I tell them EXACTLY what i want, and they always f**k it up, even after i bring pictures. My hair is dark/dirty blonde, and i want to get black, teal, purple, and maybe even pink in it. Sorta like the girl on the other post on how to do scene hair. (the second girl) Im going to try another hair salon over the summer after i convince my mom to let me get it done, and i get a job to pay for it. Idk wat to get yet, but i know that im going to get it done before school starts. I’m not very confident, and im just learning how to get my make up to match. (doing good so far :D) so im gonna have to work on that…..but otherwise i think im going to be prepared. Oh! I’m also a perfectionist, so if i dont like something i always get upset. The last time i got my hair cut (last summer) it turned out horrible, and i cried jn front of the stylist. This time, hopefully they get it right at the new salon.

    Any other tips, or suggestions?

    Later, I might post a picture of me to show you exactly how long my hair is, and what i want done for opinions. (:

    -RiKkI ❤ (:

    • sophie Said:

      I’d go with extensions for all the colours. It’s, first of all, way less expensive. If you can, go to Hot Topic sometime. Get skinny jeans (of course), converse, and… well, I don’t know about the shirts. I dress emo, not scene. Scene hair is just freakin’ awesome, though. Congrats on turning away from preps- scenes, emos, and goths = absolute hate against all of them. Anyway, Hot Topic is probably the best store, even though some of it can be pretty expensive. For scenes, the best thing to do would probably be get raccoon tail (whatever colour you want) extensions. Have fun!

      • RiKKi (: Said:

        Just a couple of days ago, i got purple printed hair extensions from Spencer’s. they’re pretty cool…havent worn them to school yet tho! I think i’ll wait until i get my hair cut to show them off. 😀

    • ribbajack Said:

      It sucks when stylists screw up your hair, i know how you feel girl. But try and keep your cool for a few days. Haircuts can look like crap in the salon, but after you’re home and have washed it and styled it the way you like it, you might find it’s not so bad. If you’re still not satisfied, make some touch ups of your own. It can be scary at first, but once you get used to cutting your own hair you’ll be able realize what you need to do to make it look the way you want it to.
      Also, make sure you get your hair done a couple weeks before your school starts. This way if they mess it up again you’ll have time to fix it.
      I wish you the best of luck! i hope your hair looks fabulous!

      • sophie Said:

        I’m getting my hair cut soon. It’s SLIGHTLY below my shoulders. I have dark brown hair, my mom won’t let me get extensions [or hair dyed] (I MIGHT sneak them anyway, but just in case), what do you recommend? She also doesn’t want me using a ton of hair products, so any good suggestions? Which picture do you think I should be looking at? And, IF I can sneak the extensions, which colours should I get?

  44. tomorrow im getting my hair done biut i dont know if i should get the scene. I really like the scene but i dont know if it would look good because now my hair is past my boobs but it is kinda thin and it is dark blonde with red and brown adn black highlight’s
    (answer back please)

    • sophie Said:

      I got a scene haircut and it looks AMAZING.
      And if its past your boobs it’s fine. Honestly, if you look at most of these pictures, theirs is too. And if the colour ends up being a problem, then you could either, A: dye your hair, B: get extensions. B is usually the better way to go.

  45. lauren Said:

    okay…need help? my hair is a little past my shoulders and i want to geet scene hair. if i getit cut like the second to last pic.. (black hair) will itlook ok? like my hair is dirty blond. and with out a pic how will i explain it to the stylist???

    • sophie Said:

      it will look fine. just print out the picture and show it to the stylist.

    • sophie Said:

      OH! just reread it… if you can show them a digital image, that should work. if you can’t, ask them to do a razor cut. if they don’t what it is, study the layers and tell them where you want the layers to be.

  46. Anonymous Said:

    OMG those girls are so gourgouse i would love my hair like that so pretty dudududududu !!!!!

  47. leslie Said:

    those girls are so gourgouse i would love to look like that there so preety dududududud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  48. Joselane Said:

    Yeah that’s my face e.O I don’t know what I’m looking for new hair so what does someone suggest O:

  49. Storm. Said:

    Im getting scene hair soon, but my hairs really short, just below my shoulders. Im hopefully getting it white blonde because my mum wont let me go darker >.<
    i love scene hair, and i think these girls are stunners !
    any help for short scene hair ? :/

    • xDamberanotamyxD Said:

      yeahhh ummm do me a favor doll can you scroll down and look for a girl named christina and she has the same problem as you and i told her some ideas that can maybe help you out too!!!!!!! shes at the very bottom!!!…xD

  50. miki Said:

    omg love scene hair dude!(:

  51. hailllsss=) Said:

    heeyyy giiiss i neesd BIG help! im a short light brunette athletic build, and a round face =) wud i look god with scene hair … i love it but dnt wnna llook silly =)!!! btw my faves the orange and blonde!!

  52. poison apple Said:

    I love the makeup the girl on the third picture has- it is just like mine 😉

  53. ally Said:

    hey so i really need some help…

    so my hair is really dark brown naturally and about 3 inches below my chest. i think my mom would go for getting my hair cut like this but now for the dieing. so would it look bad if it was all just one color? if not what should i do? also i have curly hair and does anyone know if it looks bad if u leave it curly? also i have been asking for short layers but they always just make them long, i might just go to a different place because i dont think this lady gets what im saying.

    anyways someone help me! i want to have this for the summer! 😛

    • poison apple Said:

      Curly scene hair is really pretty, but it depends on how you cut it sometimes. It doesn’t look bad if you die it only one color, but if you want to die it more than one color, or one color with streaks, that looks good too.

      FYI, if the person that does your hair is a retard, and doesn’t know what you are talking about it, I strongly reccomend you go somewhere else.

      • Anonymous Said:

        ok thank you so much 😀 and my mom was like u can cut ur hair how u want to it will always grow back so i was like fuck yea lol

        and i know right i was like give me really short layers and she was like OK! and she didnt do it i asked for it like 3 different times and i was like yea know what fuck u go back to beauty school bitch haha

  54. poison apple Said:

    wow, what a bitch- I would flip her off and change my hair dresser.
    But just in case, you should bring a picture of what you want your hair to look like.

  55. poison apple Said:

    wow, what a bitch- I would flip her off and change my hair dresser
    also, just in case, I would bring a picture of what I wanted my hair to look like.

  56. Rikki Said:

    im the same girl as before, but i got my scene haircut. I thought i’d put the link to a picture of how my hair looks now. Im pretty happy with it, seeing that i’ve had it for a while now.

    • ally Said:

      yeah right she was like do u like it?! and i was like YES! and then she was like really and i was like fuck no i hate it and just walked out lol

      and thank you! that looks so pretty! not to be a creep or anything lol but i think im going to bring ur picture and tell them to cut it like that 😛

  57. DeadlyKills Said:

    Do u think u can email me the 3rd pic. pleasssseee????

  58. Jessica. Said:

    Niice i give u a thumbs up!

  59. ellie Said:

    im ginger and i fking love scene hair, i cant dye it just highlights, can anyone give me ideas what to do with my hair then ?

    • xDamberanotamyxD Said:

      i sugest that you should get yourself some coons cuz i think they look gorgeous on any body really and well it sometimes depends on what color your hair is!!!!!! i hope i helped!!!…xD

  60. christina Said:

    NeeeddDd help ok so i have hair thats like alittle above my sholder and its curly but when i straightin it it touchs my sholder i want a scene hair cut any suggestion like do u think it would work with my hair uhm anything i should tell the lady who does my hair??

    • xDamberanotamyxD Said:

      ummmmmm i think that you should like ask for some short layers but not so short if you dont want your hair to be like really short but yeahh then get some highlights any color really or you can get extensions and have them cut the way your hair is or you can be patient and have your hair grow out then you wont really need my help cuz you can do either way you want it to be!!!!hope i helped!!!…xD

  61. xDamberanotamyxD Said:

    seriously i dont really care what other people think about me i just like living my life how i want it to be…….A BADASS EMO CHICK!!!!!!!!!!!!…..xD

  62. Anonymous Said:

    i am trying to get scene haircut what do i use to tease?!?!?!

  63. Anonymous Said:

    A comb

  64. Anonymous Said:

    And I have blackish brown hair with bleacky orange underneath

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