Hardstyle and Jumpstyle

projectOneAlbumCoverSo i just bought Project One, which is an album by the two DJs, Headhunterz and Wildstylez. But not after listening to tons of different hardstyle/jumpstyle songs. I have to say, Headhunterz is my favorite DJ :]

For those of you that don’t know what hardstyle is, it’s a form of techo/dance/electronica music. It’s also a form of dance that consists of shuffling such as the running man and melbourne shuffle.

Jumpstyle music is relatively the same as hardstyle music, but the dance is different. Jumpstyle, or hardjump, dancing involves- you guessed it- jumping! to the beat of the music.

Most people dance hardstyle and jumpstyle at raves, and hardstyle dancers sometimes wear phat pants. Phat pants have a fitphatpants1ted waist and the pants get wider down to the floor so that they hide the foot. Most pants are decorated with neon fabric and paint so that they glow under UV light at raves.

here’s a video of hardstyle dancing:


and here’s jumpstyle:



  1. Benjamin Fine Said:

    Hahaha, I’m pretty good at hard styling myself I won’t lie. I’ve been to lke a gazillion raves and that is pretty much what they do honestly so it gets kinda hectic. It’s retarded easy to learn anyways. Jump style honestly though haha is kinda lame. I think it’s easy to but i dunno its just boring. Try learning how to hard style laura ;D

    • ribbajack Said:

      haha im gonna try and learn the melbourne shuffle sometime :]

  2. Daniel Said:

    love hardstyle ? try this :>

    greets from germany nc blog

  3. lovexxreverie Said:

    I’ve been shuffling for a while, it’s really amazing.
    And Headhunterz is fantastic. Rock Civilization is my go to hardstyle song when I shuffle.

  4. Hey Music Kitty,

    I hope you’re not too freaked out by this comparison. I thought the jump dancers and hard dancers were WAY cool and impressive. I just want to say, that their style of dance totally reminds me of Native American pow wow dancing. I mean that in a good way, not insultingly.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a pow wow, but I have. The intensity of the dancers and the power of the music is unbelievable. You’re swept up in it. And the dancing escalates–gets faster–with the music.

    A pow wow is a meeting of local tribes, to discuss political matters. They also buy/sell/trade goods at these gatherings. I own a beautiful beaded necklace that I bought at a pow wow, and whenever I wear it, I get compliments on it.

    So just to show you what I’m talking about, here’s a video of pow wow dancers. Maybe you can see what I mean about the similarities in dance style:

    And hey, you’re welcome to visit my blog and comment too. My blog has nothing to do with Native Americans; I just happen to live in the vicinity of many Native Americans. That’s why I know about pow wows.

    • ribbajack Said:

      Wow that’s really cool! I can definitely see the similarities. Thanks for the great comment and link, i’ll be sure to check out your blog as well.
      peace :]

  5. Hatchetz Said:

    I jumpstyle and couldnt be happier, the raves, music, and being in the moment is amazing, nothing better than just getting the urge to stop somewhere anywhere and jump, my friend shuffles and we’re planning to do a video duo real soon. I’ll post when it’s up…

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