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Prom ’09

Yesterday was prom for my school, and it was so much fun! After three hours of preparation I was ready, here’s how i prepared :]

Hair: My hair took me an hour to do! phew!


I used TIGI Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Shampoo and the matching conditioner to strengthen my hair (it worked really well, i could feel the thickness :] )After showering i applied Herbal Essences- Shimery Nights to my hair while still wet to add pretty sparkles in it, and blow dried it next.  I then used a hair straightener and then the fun part begain- TEASING! yay! I put the upper layer of my hair in a pony tail and teased to the extreme my middle layer of hair in the back.  I used TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hairspray to hold the teased amounts of hair, and then released the top layer and sprayed a small amount to hold, and it worked amazingly! My hair held all through the night and even until the next day! I had to shorten my bangs a bit with my razor (i cut my own hair) and then i was all done! ^_^ i was very happy with how it turned out.


Makeup: I love messing around with makeup so this was tons of fun! First i used a liquid foundation; Clinique stay-true makeup oil-free formula. I highly recommend it. It blended in with my skin perfectly and covered almost all of the flaws. I followed up with a Clinique blush that i got in a free sample kit. i applied the blush just slightly above my cheekbones. cimg0131 Eyes were next. i started with eyeliner, which was again, Clinique. It was creme eyeliner and lasted the night without smearing horribly. i applied to the inside of my eyelids on both the top and bottom lids, just slightly brushing above my bottom lashes, and applying to the corners. I then used white eyeshadow as a base on both of my lids and smeared a small amount under my lower lashes. On my eyelids I used an auburn brown over the white, covering about 3/4s of my lid. i used black eyeshadow just above my upper lashes, drawing a line to the corner and applying some to the corner as well. Mascara time :], i used Define A Lash waterproof Mascara by Maybelline. I love this mascara. The only bad part about it was that it smeared a bit later on in the night, but it did last me a long time without smearing so it was good enough for me. Finally, i used a two-step lip gloss from covergirl that was a light pink color. It worked really well and didn’t rub off even after lots of kisses, food, and water!

Clothing and Etc: I got my dress from Cache, and my shoes (which were white heels) from DSW. I got nude thigh-highs from kroger at the last minute haha and used some dangley silver earings that i’ve had forever, though i believe they’re from Claires. I matched my dress with a silver clutch to also match my boyfriend’s tuxedo (which he looked amazing in!), and wore a necklace that he gave me. After spraying on some perfume i was ready to go :]cimg0118

So once i was all ready..  My boyfriend, Laurence, picked me up looking extremely handsome in his tux! We went over to his house and took pictures, then drove over to our friend’s house where we switched vehicles to a van, that was quickly transformed into a Prom-mobile after roars of protest to the writing of “PROM ’09” was drawn in pink letters across the windows. We rode the prom-mobile to dinner and then to a cute park downtown where we spent a whole ten minutes before hopping back into the van and riding to prom. The dj was a bit weak in the beginning, playing strange, half-slow half-fast songs that no one had heard before. However, after awhile the songs got much better, as Flo Rida, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and, of course, Baby got back were played. Overall, it was an amazing night.



scene hair pics

i got lots of views on my other post about scene hair, so here are some more pics of pretty scene hair:




Scene hair- a guide.

Okay. scene hair is my obsession. xD

I absolutely love the way these girls do their hair, and i’ll be getting a haircut in a few weeks once i’ve grown it out long enough. But i wanted to write a how-to for all of those scene hair freaks like me :]


First Step, (Duh) Grow your hair out to the length that you want the bottom layer to be. Lots of people do different lengths, and it’s all about what you want it to look like, but you should pretty much always start by growing your hair out long if you don’t want to use extentions (which is actually what a lot of girls do). 

The next step is to get your hair cut. Be sure that you’re very clear what you want to have done, because lots of stylists don’t understand you’re trying to go for scene hair. Ask for short layers, and have the ends razored to give the hair a more rough look and define the layers.Scene Hair The bangs can go pretty much any way you want them too. You can get full bangs strait across your face and part your hair to the side so that they sweep across your face once they’ve grown out, or you can skip that step and ask for side bangs. No matter what you decide to do, I highly recommend bringing in a picture of the hair you want. This gaurentees that the stylist has the same picture in their head as you do while they’re cutting your hair.

Coloring your hair can go in any direction. I’m keeping my hair blonde and adding in pink highlights. But it’s definately way less expensive to dye your own hair. I bought bottle of pink hair dye from hot topic that only cost me twelve dollars. The color stayed in for about a week and then i’d have to redye it, but i had enough in the bottle to last me about six months. I recommend adding in some kind of colorful highlights to make your hair super pretty and very sceney. However, if you don’t want to dye your hair, you can buy colored hair extensions for about six dollars.


Now we get to the fun part! Styling! Teasing and spiking work the best for scene hair. Just tease up the bottom layers, add some hair spray and you’re done! If you’re confused, there are tons of how-to’s on youtube that show you step by step how people do their scene hair (search “how to scene hair” in the youtube search bar, and all sorts of helpful videos will pop up). Whatever you plan on doing, bedhead products are a must have. They have everything. Hair gel, manipulator, hairspray, and so much more. I’ve also heard that Rave hairspray works really well for holding teased hair. For spiking, hairwax is the best to use.

Once your hair is all styled, add in a bow, bandana, ribbon, hairclip, headband, or anything else you feel like putting in your hair and you’re done!