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Hardstyle and Jumpstyle

projectOneAlbumCoverSo i just bought Project One, which is an album by the two DJs, Headhunterz and Wildstylez. But not after listening to tons of different hardstyle/jumpstyle songs. I have to say, Headhunterz is my favorite DJ :]

For those of you that don’t know what hardstyle is, it’s a form of techo/dance/electronica music. It’s also a form of dance that consists of shuffling such as the running man and melbourne shuffle.

Jumpstyle music is relatively the same as hardstyle music, but the dance is different. Jumpstyle, or hardjump, dancing involves- you guessed it- jumping! to the beat of the music.

Most people dance hardstyle and jumpstyle at raves, and hardstyle dancers sometimes wear phat pants. Phat pants have a fitphatpants1ted waist and the pants get wider down to the floor so that they hide the foot. Most pants are decorated with neon fabric and paint so that they glow under UV light at raves.

here’s a video of hardstyle dancing:


and here’s jumpstyle: